03 Greedo and Evilgiane Craft Internet Rap Time Capsule in HEAVENS…


Emerging from a near five-year hiatus, 03 Greedo returns, collaborating with New York City producer Evilgiane on the mixtape HEAVENSGATE VOL. 1, a project that encapsulates a broad spectrum of emotions and showcases the versatility of both artists. Greedo, known for his meticulous approach to songcraft, praises Evilgiane’s universal sound, marking a pivotal moment in internet rap culture.


Collaboration Born in the Studio

During a late-night session in a New York studio, Evilgiane stood out from a lineup of producers, capturing 03 Greedo’s attention with his eclectic beats. This initial meeting sparked a collaboration that would result in tracks like ‘SIP SIP’ and ‘BEN DAWAVE,’ both highlights of the mixtape. Greedo’s admiration for Evilgiane’s work is evident, noting the producer’s ability to deliver a sound that’s both unique and universally appealing.

From Narcotized Paranoia to Hip-Hop Dominance


The mixtape spans a range of themes, from the narcotized paranoia of ‘SIP SIP’ to the declaration of hip-hop dominance in ‘BEN DAWAVE.’ These tracks, created in one night, demonstrate the artists’ ability to transition seamlessly between different emotional states, highlighting their creative synergy. Greedo’s contributions, influenced by his recent incarceration, add depth and authenticity to the project, offering listeners a glimpse into his evolving artistry.

A New Chapter in Internet Rap

HEAVENSGATE VOL. 1 represents a significant moment in internet rap, with 03 Greedo and Evilgiane pushing the boundaries of the genre. The mixtape, described as an internet rap time capsule, captures the essence of contemporary hip-hop while paving the way for future innovations. Greedo’s comeback and collaboration with Evilgiane not only marks his return to the music scene but also highlights the dynamic nature of internet rap and its potential for constant evolution.

This collaboration between 03 Greedo and Evilgiane serves as a testament to the transformative power of music, illustrating how adversity can lead to artistic growth and innovation. As listeners dive into HEAVENSGATE VOL. 1, they’re invited to explore a rich tapestry of sounds and emotions, signaling a bright future for both artists in the ever-changing landscape of internet rap.

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