11 unforgettable street art murals in Dundee

It’s no secret that Dundee, home to the V&A Museum, has a thriving art scene.

But have you ever noticed just how many murals there are in the city?

From traditional community murals to giant celebrations of local heroes – they’re everywhere.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favourites, both in the city centre and surrounding neighbourhoods.

1) Tay Road Bridge

Tay Road Bridge murals. Image: Supplied

Dundee artists Fraser Gray and Martin McGuinness spent a month transforming concrete supports under the Tay Road Bridge in 2016.

One pillar features a detail of the bridge’s designer William Fairhurst, who died in 1982.

The mural, which was initially funded by a £20,000 grant, was further expanded in summer 2021 with additional designs painted on pillars and pavements.

2) Michael Marra, Aimer Square

Mural artist Michael Corr with his Michael Marra portrait in Aimer Square. Image: Mhairi Edwards/DC Thomson

A giant mural dedicated to the late Dundee singer Michael Marra can be found at Aimer Square in the Lochee area of the city.

The 9m wide by 4.5m high artwork by Michael Corr is the central piece of a street art mural project instigated by community group Love Lochee in 2021.

Michael chose to reference a song called Frida Kahlo’s Visit to the Tay Bridge Bar, with the lyric “Here I am”.

3) Close Encounters, Cardean Street

Close Encounters on Cardean Street is one of Dundee’s largest murals. Image: Mhairi Edwards/DC Thomson

Commissioned by art group Open/Close Dundee, Close Encounters is one of the biggest, boldest and brightest murals in the city.

Created by artists Fraser Gray and Martin McGuinness in 2020, the Cardean Street piece is themed around the concept of “home” and depicts a scene from a traditional city close.

It contains various local references, including a view of Baxter Park seen in one of the windows, swans from the Swannie Ponds and an ‘S’ for Stobswell.

4) Open/Close Dundee mural one, Craigie Street

One of two large murals on Craigie Street in the Stobswell area of Dundee. Image: Kim Cessford/DC Thomson

Open/Close Dundee is also behind one of two massive murals on Craigie Street.

The first work, painted on the gable end of a block of flats, measures eight metres tall and six metres wide.

Created by Kirkcaldy artist Lauren Morsley in 2022, it took eight days to complete.

It was created to promote sustainability and community spirit.

5) Open/Close Dundee mural two, Craigie Street

The second mural on Criagie Street is the tallest artwork of its kind in Dundee. Image: Kim Cessford/DC Thomson

The second mural commissioned by Open/Close Dundee on Craigie Street celebrates Dundee’s connection science.

The mural, which was painted by artist Lewi Quinn, was unveiled to the public in summer 2022.

It is hoped the artwork, funded by Dundee University’s Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research (WCAIR), will inspire the city’s next generation of scientists or artists.

6) Still Game murals, Mary Ann Lane

Artwork of Still Game characters Victor and Jack is at Mary Ann Lane, Dundee. Image: Syke

If you’re a fan Still Game, then you’ll want to visit Mary Ann Lane in Dundee city centre, where multiple characters from the TV show are immortalised in paint.

TV character Isa Drennan, Craiglang stars Jack and Victor, Methadone Mick and Navid all feature on the wall.

Symon Mathieson – better known as Syke – is behind the amazing murals.

The well-known Dundee street artist has painted dozens of murals in the city.

7) Marmalade on Toast mural, Keillor Centre

The Marmalade on Toast mural at Keiller Centre. Image: Steve Brown/DC Thomson

A colourful mural at the Keiller Centre in Dundee celebrates the city’s history with marmalade.

Artist Diane Selbie created the masterpiece at New Inn Entry in hopes of brightening up the area and connecting locals to their heritage.

The Keiller Centre is named after the famous Dundee marmalade manufacturer and gave Diane the inspiration for her design.

The painting, completed in 2022, features three of the iconic jars the marmalade – the first of its kind to be marketed commercially in the UK – was sold in.

8) Oor Wullie mural, Mains Road

Nikki Samson walks past the Oor Wullie mural on Mains Road in the Hilltown area of Dundee. Image: Kim Cessford/DC Thomson

One of Dundee’s much-loved icons, Oor Wullie, appears in an impressive mural on Mains Road in the Hilltown area of the city.

Artists Paul Adam, who goes by Sapien, and Gary McKay, who is known as Gazmac, spent two days working on the painting.

It was created as part of Scotland’s longest-running street art event – Graffiti Jams – in 2019.

It features Oor Wullie with a bucket over his head looking despondent with lyrics to the Grandmaster Flash rap tune The Message.

9) We Are Not the Sum of Our Trauma mural, Tay Street Lane

A huge mural by The Fandangoe Kid and Kirsty Whiten on the side of the Open Change building in Tay street Lane in Dundee. Image: Supplied

A 28ft artwork entitled We Are Not the Sum of Our Trauma can be seen on the side of a building on Tay Street Lane in the West End of Dundee.

The mural, which features a striking female figure surrounded by bold messages such as “Speak your truth” was created by collaborating artists Kirsty Whiten, of Fife, and The Fandangoe Kid, the moniker of London-based Annie Nicholson.

The mural seeks to prompt conversations around trauma across all demographics within the public sphere.

The painting, created in 2019, was facilitated by Open/Close Dundee and funded through crowdfunding.

10) William Gardiner mural, Overgate Shopping Centre

Courier reporter Gayle Ritchie checks out the William Gardiner mural at the Overgate Centre. Image: Supplied

In William Gardiner Square, behind the Overgate Shopping Centre in the city cetnre, you can find a stunning mural dedicated to the garden’s namesake.

William Gardiner was a famous poet, author and botanist born in Dundee in 1809.

The artwork, funded by the Overgate and organised by Open/Close Dundee, was created by Scottish photo-realistic spray artist Robert McNamara.

The artist, who took one week to complete the work in September 2019, took inspiration from some of Gardiner’s old books, letters and poems.

11)  Generator Projects mural, Perth Road

Generator Projects mural on Perth Road in Dundee. Image: Open/Close Dundee

Another beautiful mural worth visiting is situated outside arts organisation Generator Project on Perth Road in the West End of Dundee.

The painting, commissioned by the group, stands as a beacon of happiness and joy.

According to the group, it is also a symbol for how people interact and nurture our community through care and respect.

Artist Giorgos Asvestas completed the mural in December 2023.

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