13 years on, Syrians in Idlib uphold revolution through street art, sky monitoring and rallies


Thirteen years after the start of the Syrian civil war, citizens in the northwestern city of Idlib are continuing their protests through street art and monitoring the sky. And on the streets of Idlib, hundreds of people take to the streets every year to demand the end of President Bashar al-Assad’s authoritarian rule. For them, March 15 does not mark the anniversary of the start of the 2011 civil war, but the start of their revolution for a free Syria.

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Aziz, an artist, paints bombed-out buildings with drawings and messages to denounce the Syrian regime’s crimes and to call for continued resistance.

“Drawing is a universal language that all people understand, so I employ my art to serve my people and to spread messages through it,” Aziz explains.

Abu Amin, a former fighter for the Free Syrian Army, has taken it upon himself to survey the skies to warn civilians of upcoming air strikes.

“It motivates me because I help save lives. I find there’s a loophole in protecting civilians,” he says. 

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