215 Unmarked Graves Behind Mississippi Jail: What We Know

Per recent reports, a horrific human rights situation is currently unfolding in Jackson, Mississippi. Over 200 dead bodies have been discovered buried in unmarked graves behind a state jail. The bodies were found in a location colloquially known as Pauper’s Field. The bodies, which are still being identified at this time, were not properly embalmed, placed in coffins, or buried by proper respectful means, and the families and loved ones have not been informed of their passing. Most families of the deceased victims have been left to believe their loved ones disappeared. They have not had the chance to get closure or pay their respects. The situation is still unfolding, with more updates sure to come in the near future.

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The Grave Sites Are Not Identified By Name


Unlike proper burials, which often utilize a headstone with the deceased’s name and date of birth, the graves behind the jail were given no such signage. Instead, the graves are marked with a metal rod and a number, indicating how many bodies have piled up. The bodies are said to have been buried by inmates from the Mississippi prison Hinds County Penal Farm, under orders from the local police. Due to the unprofessional nature of the body disposal, buzzards are reportedly known to circle overhead, attracted to the stench of the bodies that have been improperly buried.

The Story Was Uncovered By A Bereft Mother


This shocking story, which sounds like it’s been ripped directly from the pages of a horror screenplay, was initially discovered due to the persistence of a woman named Bettersten Wade. Wade’s son Dexter had gone missing in March 2023, prompting a months-long search effort by his friends and family. In October, it was revealed that Dexter Wade had been killed in vehicular manslaughter by a Jackson police officer.

Officers were fully aware of Wade’s identity at the time of the hit-and-run. The 37-year-old had identification on his person at the time of the accident, though nobody informed his family. Nor did Jackson police report the death through the proper channels. Instead, Wade’s body was callously taken to Pauper’s Field and buried by inmates of the local jail, as police officers continued to turn a blind eye to Mrs. Wade’s requests for information for months on end.

Once an investigator finally offered some insight into the situation, Bettersten Wade was able to visit the burial grounds, accompanied by a deputy and a pair of inmates, and exhume Dexter’s body from plot number 672 for the price of $250. The deceased man was a father of 2 girls.

The Story Has Struggled To Gain Mainstream Traction

Despite serving as one of the most overtly harrowing instances of Mississippi police impropriety in recent history, this story has failed to garner appropriate attention from the mainstream media. Since the Wade family made their discovery, dozens of families have come forward to sequester the Jackson police department. More than two dozen homicide victims have since been discovered in Pauper’s Field. This includes a 40-year-old man named Marrio Terrell Moore who was buried on the same day as Dexter Wade.

For now, the true scale of this horrific human rights violation remains unknown. Some bodies buried at the site can be traced to homicides back in 2022. Despite mainstream news outlets failing to provide the graves behind the jail with adequate news coverage, the story has gone viral on social media platforms such as TikTok. Local activists have continued to push for the remaining bodies to be exhumed and identified. Despite the discovery, Jackson police have faced seemingly no consequences or accountability for their disgusting disregard for human life.


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