42 Dugg Details Hardships Of Prison Job: ‘They Were Killing Me, Bruh’

42 Dugg, who was released from prison last month after a year and a half, has opened about the struggles of his life behind bars.

During an appearance on Million Dollaz Worth Of Game that aired on Thursday (November 23), the 29-year-old rapper reflected on his time in lockup and the hardships of his grueling job inside.


“Bruh, they had me in there working in the kitchen,” he revealed as the co-hosts had a laugh. “They was being funny like … man, waking me up at four in the morning, bruh, like I’m talkin’ ’bout killing me, bruh.”

He went on to explain that he immediately started to think of excuses to get out of work, saying that he couldn’t work on his feet because he got shot. As a result, he was made to wrap 1,000 forks instead, which, according to Gillie Da Kid, made him the “prison waiter.”


What’s more is the Detroit MC claims to have never been paid for all the hard work during his time in the detention center.

Watch him discuss his experiences at the 44:57 mark below:


42 Dugg was sentenced to a year behind bars for failure to surrender charges and ended up serving six months due to a 2020 federal gun case.

Since regaining his freedom, he has been under a supervised release program that will last for three years. He also had to cough up a $20,000 fine and will need to remain drug-free.

42 Dugg Gives Angry Update From Behind Bars: ‘Death Before Dishonor’

42 Dugg Gives Angry Update From Behind Bars: ‘Death Before Dishonor’

Back in May, the Michigan native took to social media and voiced his frustration at the prison conditions such as having to use hot shower water to heat up his food.

“Im in jail for going to the gun range, dropping dirty and failure to appear. I didn’t steal from nobody, hurt nobody, they handling me crazy, man im in this bitch heating my food up with the water from the nasty ass shower,” he said.


“They dont even give us hot water to heat our food up aint no microwave, I can’t get no visits from my family nothing. Im sure they gone do some more illegal shit but what I pose to die in this bitch for probation violation.”

Even while in the can, Dugg was able to notch a pair of tracks (“Bae” and “One Time”) on CMG’s Gangsta Art 2: Reloaded compilation album.

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