A Clever Color Mixer That Puts Different Hues Into a Single Spray Paint Can

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Ukrainian street artist Vitaly Tesh created a bespoke “Graffiti Color Mixer” that uses hydraulic pressure to put different hues of spray paint into a single can. This is the second version of the mixer, as Tesh wasn’t happy with the clarity of his first version.

So I didn’t like how my device worked in general the device work but I didn’t like how these lines looked the lines were very dirty not as good as from the spray cans and I decided to improve it a little finish it to make it work perfectly.

For version 2.0, Tesh used 3D printing to make the device fit perfectly into his hand and to accomplish more than the previous version.

Now I can make a remote control in a 3D program and print it on a 3D printer. Okay what should be the design of the remote control so that it’s convenient to hold it in one hand and it will be possible to press not only one button but two three or four buttons at the same time to mix colors while painting?

While Tesh is happy about the way 2.0 works, he sees further improvement in the future.

Okay guys, the device works as I need and now I can finally move on as I have many ideas on how to improve this device even more 

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