A New Local Landmark For Veveri? Demobilised Trolleybus Proves Popular With Graffiti Artists

A decommissioned DMPB trolleybus has appeared on a disused plot adjoining Veveří street, causing consternation for some residents, but delight among local graffiti artists. The bus has found a temporary home in a brownfield site used as a training ground by firefighters, sparking debate among local residents on social networks, some of whom argue that the bus is unsightly, a magnet for vandals, and belongs in a landfill site.

The decommissioned trolleybus is located on land managed by the South Moravian Fire and Rescue Service. “We organise specialised training at this place from time to time,” said Jaroslav Mikoška, ​​spokesman for the South Moravian fire department, speaking to Brnensky Denik. “In January, for example, we practised rescuing a trolleybus and a lorry with heavy equipment here.” 

Aggrieved local residents say that it is not appropriate to locate a training ground in the centre of Brno, where it can be an eyesore, though Mikoška pointed out that using realistic environments and objects helps the firefighters improve their training and skills. “Using real and retired vehicles allows us to create a training scenario that can be close to reality,” he said. “Thanks to this, our firefighters are better able to prepare for situations they may encounter in traffic accidents.”

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