Abu Dhabi bus shelters get a street art makeover


Abu Dhabi bus shelters are getting a trendy upgrade, with local artists using them as a canvas on which to express themselves through spray paint.

The city’s bus stops are being adorned with colourful murals to add a bit of colour to the day of commuters, with designs ranging from falcon and turtle designs to depictions of traditional dress.

Each mural tells a story and shines a spotlight on local talent, said Noor Shamma, director of media affairs at the Department of Municipalities and Transport in Abu Dhabi.

“This initiative challenges the misconception that urban environments lack creativity, demonstrating the beauty and artistry present within our city,” she said.

So far, more than 20 bus shelters in Abu Dhabi have had a makeover – with plans to reach 40 by the end of March.

Thirteen local artists have spent nearly 840 hours on the vibrant designs.

“Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone smile while looking at one of my artworks,” said artist Ramy Al Zaghawy, who is now starting work on his sixth mural.

These often depict elements of Emirati culture, such as falcons and elderly local women in traditional attire, blending vibrant colours with realistic themes and traditional motifs.

Ms Shamma said the plan was to continue collaborating with local artists on a special project scheduled for Ramadan – which is set to begin around March 11 – with the hope of extending the initiative right across Abu Dhabi emirate.

“As the city’s public spaces bloom with creativity and community spirit, Abu Dhabi sets an inspiring example of how art can transform urban environments and enrich the lives of its residents,” she said.

Updated: March 02, 2024, 6:21 AM

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