Adin Ross Cancels Boosie BadAzz Stream, DJ Vlad Calls Him “Lame”


Adin Ross has explained that he canceled an upcoming stream with Boosie BadAzz due to his “loyalty” to Charleston White. However, this explanation quickly earned him a reprisal from DJ Vlad. “So @adinross, who is Jewish, canceled his livestream with @BOOSIEOFFICIAL because of his loyalty to Charleston White. This is after Charleston White said he loves Hitler and the Holocust was fake. Adin is lame as f-ck for this. F-ck Adin Ross,” Vlad said.

The DJ and interviewer was referring to the antisemitic tirade that White aimed at Ross last year. “F-ck that white boy [Ross], f-ck them Jew motherfuckers,” White begins in one clip posted to X. “They don’t know sh-t, n-gga. They don’t know how to treat no n-gga. The Jews? Nah nah, we’re the real motherf-cking Jews. The nappy-hat n-gga that was in chains. F-ck the Jews, man. The Holocaust was fake. Yeah, the Holocaust was some made-up sh-t. They made up some shi-t. Like Valentine Day and Christmas, made up. F-ck you talking about – when Jesus was born there weren’t even no December. It’s fake y’all. Adin and his line motherf-ckers. F-ck them. I rock with Hitler. Hitler-loving motherf-cker. They fly me out here. I f-cking love Hitler. Heil motherf-cking Hitler [White performs a Nazi salute]. The motherf-cking Jews ain’t suffered what the motherf-cking n-gga suffered,” White said streaming in Vegas last year.

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Adin Ross Apologizes To Kanye West After Bianca Censori Intervenes

However, Boosie isn’t the only rapper that Ross has crossed as of late. Adin Ross has apologized for his previous comments about Kanye West struggling to get brand deals. According to Ross, he had been driven to make the rare apology after Kanye’s wife, Bianca Censori, reached out to Ross to set the record straight. Ross confirmed he had received an email directly from Censori asking him to retract his statements.

Ross had tried to continue his trend of paying rappers to appear on his streams by saying he had the backing of Kick and Stake to pay Kanye for an appearance. This was taken as Ross saying that either Kanye is broke or that Kanye needs the charity. Ross backpedaled during his apology, stating that what he meant is that streaming services were not paying Kanye because “they’re not throwing money at anyone.” Do you believe Ross’ apology? Do you consider it an apology at all? Let us know in the comments.

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