Aleema Kelly ’26 Champions Hip Hop Diversity with WRTC 89.3 FM Sho…


At the heart of Hartford, Connecticut, Trinity College’s radio waves are pulsating with the beats of hip hop, thanks to Aleema Kelly ’26 and her late-night radio show, Afrika Work, on WRTC 89.3 FM. This unique show not only spins a diverse array of hip hop music but also dives into deep discussions about the genre, its industry, and the misconceptions that often surround it. Kelly’s efforts align closely with the Temple of Hip Hop at Trinity College, a key organizer of the annual Trinity International Hip Hop Festival.


Empowering Hip Hop Culture at Trinity

Kelly’s show plays a pivotal role in the mission to bring hip hop culture to Trinity College in an engaging and educational manner. By featuring a mix of artists like Li Uzi Vert and Sharkey, alongside underground talents, Kelly ensures her listeners are exposed to the full spectrum of hip hop. Her collaboration with the Temple of Hip Hop underscores a shared goal: to unite artists, community members, and educators in celebrating and understanding hip hop’s rich culture and history.

Bridging Gaps and Challenging Stereotypes


One of Kelly’s main objectives is to encourage Trinity students to delve deeper into hip hop, moving beyond the generalizations and stereotypes often perpetuated by social media. She emphasizes the genre’s expansive nature and its principles that resonate with diverse audiences. Now flying solo as the show’s host, Kelly is determined to make Afrika Work a platform for exploration, encouraging students to reach out and engage in conversations about hip hop’s impact and relevance.

A Countdown to the Festival

The anticipation is building for the 18th Trinity International Hip Hop Festival, set to take place from April 4-7. This event, free and open to all, promises to be a highlight on the college’s calendar, with Kelly hosting a Headliner Release Party in the weeks leading up to the festival. This gathering serves as a perfect prelude, showcasing what attendees can expect from the festival while further cementing the show’s role in Trinity’s hip hop culture.

As the festival approaches, Kelly’s show stands as a beacon for hip hop enthusiasts and newcomers alike, inviting them to explore the depths of the genre. Through her dedication and the support of the Temple of Hip Hop, Trinity College continues to be a vibrant hub for hip hop culture, education, and appreciation. For those looking to tune into Afrika Work, visit for streaming details and immerse yourself in the eclectic world of hip hop every Monday night.

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