All you need to know about street dance


Street dance is an umbrella term for dance styles that have their origin on the streets. Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a wider or narrower range of dances that are considered street dances. A common interpretation is that street dances are the dance forms that originated in the urban areas of the United States and are considered to be part of hip-hop, funk and club culture.

Many pioneers consider this definition too broad and insist on keeping the different styles separated, as their history and culture differ a lot. Despite these efforts, the majority of people use the term in a general manner. This is reinforced by mainstream movies that mix up all the styles for more spectacular dance scenes. Often, these movies are the first contact that people have with dance and that shapes their understanding.

The following list has the most common styles that are considered street dances. Find out more by following the links:

House, Waacking and Voguing are technically born in the clubs and therefore not considered street dances by some.

Many dancers have amazing stories to tell. Find a collection of some of the best below:

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