B.G. Hints at Hot Boys Reunion, Expresses Affection for Lil Wayne After Previous Dissatisfaction


B.G., who recently re-entered the music scene following his release from prison in September, has been actively shaping his comeback. Collaborating with familiar faces, he recently joined forces with Finesse2Tymes for the track “Gangstafied,” a release that garnered attention not only for its musical content but also due to B.G.’s unexpected reference to Lil Wayne as a “b*tch” within the lyrics. This lyrical choice has left fans curious about the dynamics between the two, given their shared history.

Taking to social media to address the raised eyebrows, B.G. offered clarification, asserting that the situation is more intricate than it appears. Despite the choice of words, he emphasized that Lil Wayne is still regarded as family, showcasing the complexity of emotions within the rap community.

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Adding an intriguing twist to the narrative, B.G. teased the prospect of a Hot Boys reunion during an Instagram Live session. Expressing enthusiasm for the idea, he positioned himself as the potential “glue” that could bring the reunion to fruition. Amidst the excitement, he briefly touched upon the Lil Wayne diss, acknowledging that Weezy might harbor some resentment but affirming his enduring love for his fellow rapper.

“Shout out to Juvie,” B.G. exclaimed, laying the groundwork for the potential Hot Boys revival. Directly addressing Lil Wayne, he unapologetically declared:

“”Weezy, btch, you know I love you. Don’t give a fck, you know what I’m saying? You mad at me btch, but yeah btch I love you, b*tch.” “

– B.G.

Displaying optimism about the reunion, B.G. expressed confidence that, once he has the freedom to move around more freely, he will play a pivotal role in uniting the Hot Boys.

As B.G. looks forward to shaping his post-prison musical journey, fans eagerly anticipate the unfolding of this intriguing chapter, wondering if the Hot Boys will indeed make a triumphant return.

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