Baltimore Rapper Sentenced To 15 Years As Drug Gang Leader

A Baltimore rapper has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for his role as the leader of a gang that was responsible for dealing drugs in and around the area.

According to The Baltimore Sun, 33-year-old Xavier Johnson — who goes by the name Lor X — was sentenced on Tuesday (February 13) for his role in overseeing the gang that was responsible for much of the fentanyl distributed in and around Southwest Baltimore.


Initially, Circuit Court Judge Lawrence R. Daniels handed Johnson a sentence of 40 years in prison but suspended the majority of his time. As a result, he will only have to serve 15 years in total — but Judge Daniels warned Lor X that he’d better be on the straight and narrow upon his release.

“He’s going to have 25 years hanging over his head,” Judge Daniels said. “I got to tell you, Mr. Johnson, if you so much as spit on the sidewalk, I’ll give you all of it.”


The Baltimore rapper pleaded guilty to one count of organizing, supervising and financing a gang and two counts of being in possession of large quantities of a mixture of drugs containing fentanyl back in September of last year.

The guilty plea came after Lor X was arrested back in October 2020, per WJZ News. According to police, the Baltimore rapper, along with 19 others, were in possession of guns, heroin and nine kilos of fentanyl when they were arrested.

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Lor X was also allegedly involved in the 2019 shooting of a popular basketball star, Gerald Brown, who was from the same area.

According to WJZ News, Brown had been directed to rent an apartment in his name so that Johnson and his gang could allegedly run their criminal enterprise without raising suspicion. But after the “trap house” was raided, Brown reportedly said that “he was not going to ‘go down’ for the items recovered in the search,” per the indictment. And Brown’s refusal to take the fall for Johnson’s gang activity, according to prosecutors, hastened his demise.


The Baltimore rapper’s alleged role in the killing wasn’t directly addressed at his sentencing, but Brown’s murder was listed as one of his gang’s “overt acts,” per the Baltimore Sun.

Though his music frequently detailed his rough life in Southwest Baltimore, Lor X vowed to live a better life upon his release. “I promise you that when I come out I’m going to make a difference,” he told Judge Daniels after he was sentenced.

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