Benny The Butcher Details Learning His Wife Was Cheating On Him While In Prison

Benny The Butcher seems to mostly be living the high life now, but it wasn’t always easy getting here. During a recent interview, the rapper told a story about his ex-wife, who he learned was cheating on him while he was in prison. “I was on a parole violation. I used to teach a class that you can take to get your time off, and seeing that I’ve always been a smart muthaf*cka, I was in prison teaching. Everywhere I go. I was a tutor in the school – everywhere I go,” Benny’s story starts. “So basically I was teaching, but right before the class I got a letter. It’s a thick letter and I’m like damn, I wanna read my letter. I got somebody else to teach the class. So I’m sitting in front of the class reading the letter,” he continues.

But the rapper probably wasn’t expecting the letter to say what it did. “This b*tch telling me about how this other n*gga f*cking her. And it was just a long letter asking me what should she do, like, ‘He got a wife. What should I do? I don’t know.’ I’m like, ‘This b*tch crazy.’ So I put the letter down – this how I knew I was f*cked up. I went to my man and my man was like, ‘Yo, you good n*gga? You look like you seen a ghost.’ I’m like damn. And I seen one. I seen the f*cking ghost. That’s when I realized – I counted my losses with her. And it is what it is,” Benny explains. Check out the full video of him telling the story below.

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Benny The Butcher Cheating Story


One thing Benny The Butcher did that surprised many after telling the story, is take the high road. ““And guess what? As a real n*gga, I never blamed her for it because I know I was in and out of prison and a woman is only strong as the bond that she got with her n*gga. So I understood that our bond wasn’t that strong. Can’t no n*gga do that to my b*tch if I’m there doing what I’m supposed to do,” he concludes.

Just last week, Benny The Butcher teamed up with Bun B and Rome Streetz for a new single called “Trillselda.” What do you think of Benny The Butcher’s story about being cheated on while in prison? Do you think he had the right reaction to it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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