Benny The Butcher Learned Wife Was Cheating While In Prison

Benny The Butcher is living his best life with a booming career and a great marriage – but he had to go through a pretty rough divorce before he got to this point.

The Griselda rapper was a guest on VIP Saturdays on Shade 45 on Saturday (December 23), where he opened up about learning that his first wife was cheating on him at the time, revealing he found out through a letter she wrote him while he was in prison.


“I was on a parole violation. I used to teach a class that you can take to get your time off, and seeing that I’ve always been a smart muthafucka, I was in prison teaching,” he began. “Everywhere I go. I was a tutor in the school – everywhere I go. So basically I was teaching, but right before the class I got a letter. It’s a thick letter and I’m like damn, I wanna read my letter. I got somebody else to teach the class. So I’m sitting in front of the class reading the letter.

“This bitch telling me about how this other n-gga fucking her. And it was just a long letter asking me what should she do, like, ‘He got a wife. What should I do? I don’t know.’ I’m like, ‘This bitch crazy.’ So I put the letter down – this how I knew I was fucked up. I went to my man and my man was like, ‘Yo, you good n-gga? You look like you seen a ghost.’ I’m like damn. And I seen one. I seen the fucking ghost. That’s when I realized – I counted my losses with her. And it is what it is.”


He continued: “And guess what? As a real n-gga, I never blamed her for it because I know I was in and out of prison and a woman is only strong as the bond that she got with her n-gga. So I understood that our bond wasn’t that strong. Can’t no n-gga do that to my bitch if I’m there doing what I’m supposed to do. But since then, I got rich, I got married again – and she hates it. She can never come back from that.”

You can watch the full interview below. The cheating conversation begins around the 22:45 mark.


Despite his current marriage, Benny The Butcher trolled Freddie Gibbs over the Thanksgiving holiday by linking up with Gibbs’ ex-girlfriend and baby’s mother.

The two rappers have been embroiled in a feud since last year after Benny said their collaborative relationship “came and went”.

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Benny The Butcher Issues Christmas Warning: ‘It’s A Crazy Time Of Year Right Now’

The ex in question, Destini (who is an adult film star), posted a picture of her and Benny hanging out. The Griselda MC later reposted it and adding the caption: “Chillin like a villain.”

The feud between the two rappers became physical after Freddie Gibbs was allegedly jumped and robbed by associates of Benny The Butcher last year. A video emerged of the incident that shows Gibbs getting beaten up by several men.


Destini was part of the brawl and can be seen in the clip in orange shorts. She later revealed that the chain that was snatched during the scuffle belonged to her.

The former couple’s child was born in August, with Destini sharing photos of the newborn baby on Instagram.

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