Benny The Butcher Says His First Wife Cheated On Him While In Prison


Benny The Butcher admitted that his first wife cheated on him while he was in prison.

During an interview with Shade 45 VIP Saturdays, Benny opened up about being on the receiving end of infidelity. He disclosed that his then-wife penned a letter to him with her admission of guilt. The Tana Talk artist compared reading her note to “seeing a ghost.” 

“I was on a parole violation. I used to teach a class that you can take to get your time off, and seeing that I’ve always been a smart mothaf**ker, I was in prison teaching. Everywhere I go. I was a tutor in the school, everywhere I go,” the emcee said. “So, basically I was teaching, but right before the class, I got a letter. It’s a thick letter and I’m like damn, I wanna read my letter. I got somebody else to teach the class. So I’m sitting in front of the class reading the letter.”

“This bi**h telling me about how this other ni**a f**king her,” he continued. “And it was a long letter asking me what should she do, like, ‘He got a wife. What should I do? I don’t know.’ I’m like, ‘This bi**h crazy.’ So I put the letter down – this how I knew I was f**ked up. I went to my man and my man was like, ‘Yo, you good ni**a? You look like you seen a ghost.’ I’m like damn. And I seen one. I seen the f**king ghost. That’s when I realized – I counted my losses with her.”

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Instead of becoming enraged at his partner’s infidelity, he took a more understanding approach. The Buffalo, NY native expressed that the ordeal was his fault. In the interview, Benny appeared sympathetic to her needs and stated that their bond was fragile. However, in typical Butcher-like fashion, the Griselda rapper concluded with a not-so-subtle flex. 

“And guess what? As a real ni**a, I never blamed her for it because I know I was in and out of prison and a woman is only strong as the bond that she got with her ni**a. So, I understood that our bond wasn’t that strong. Can’t no ni**a do that to my bi**h if I’m there doing what I’m supposed to do. But since then, I got rich, I got married again – and she hates it. She can never come back from that.”

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