Big Meech Files Early Release Request, May Be Freed In 2025

Big Meech‘s new attorney, Brittany K. Barnett, has filed a new early release petition on behalf of her client, claiming that, per new sentencing guidelines, he can be released earlier than initially intended, especially since he is no longer a threat to society.

According to court documents obtained by HipHopDX, Barnett filed the motion with the Eastern District of Michigan on Wednesday (January 3), demanding a “retroactive application” of sentencing guidelines.


In summary, Barnett is claiming that since the ex-BMF leader has been nothing short of a model citizen while serving his time behind bars — including by getting his GED, doing well in his other prison classes, and staying out of trouble on the inside since 2021 — he’s earned credit for his sentence under the U.S.S.G. (United States Sentencing Guidelines) Amendment 782, and, therefore, should be released by 2025.

Thus far, a judge has not ruled on the matter. Check out the filings below.

The founder of the Buried Alive Project, Brittany K. Barnett first came to national attention in 2018, when she worked with Kim Kardashian to free Alice Johnson.

In 1997, Johnson was sentenced to life in prison for cocaine trafficking, even though it was her first offense. She served 21 years in prison before being freed in June 2018.


Barnett initially petitioned for clemency for Johnson during the Obama administration. However, it wasn’t until Kardashian took note of Johnson’s case and brought it to the attention of her then husband  Kanye West, that she was ultimately granted a pardon by the Trump administration.

Shortly after her release, Kardashian visited The Alec Baldwin Show and revealed that Kanye’s support for Donald Trump may have helped Alice Johnson get released from prison.

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BMF Co-Founder Southwest T Sends Warning To Young Kids Emulating Him For Halloween

When asked by Baldwin if she thought Johnson would still be in prison if Kanye wasn’t a Trump supporter, Kim answered, “I do believe she would still be in prison. We’ve (spoken) about this a few times. Alice always says if it wasn’t for Kanye speaking up in support of Trump, then she would still be in jail.”

During their interview, Baldwin and Kardashian also spoke about her marriage to the Yeezus rapper and how they have kept their marriage solid with different political views.


“I let him be who he wants to be,” Kardashian said. “I let him have his own views and opinions, even if they’re different than mine. I grew up in a household where … we would always just talk about it and be open about it and it was really OK to have different views. For me, I think it’s just about having an open mind.”

“We definitely have conversations if I don’t understand something, in private,” she continued. “And it goes the same with him and me.”

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