Blueface Claps Back At Soulja Boy After Being Hit With Prison Rape Threats

Blueface and Soulja Boy have been embroiled in a bitter feud for quite some time now. Overall, the feud has been getting to a very violent and dark place. For instance, the two rappers have threatened to meet up and enact violence against one another. Moreover, things have only gotten worse since Blue went to jail for violating his parole. For instance, Big Draco went on Instagram Live recently and claimed that he was going to pay to have Blue raped. He even said some nasty stuff about Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn Alexis.

“You better hope I don’t pay somebody [$2,000] to rape your ass while you in there,” Soulja Boy said. “I’m finna to send the booty bandits. Who needs some noodles? Who needs some money on they books? Where the booty bandits at?” These are certainly fighting words, and fans fully expected Blueface to clap back despite being behind bars. Well, in a new recording from prison, you can hear the response from the “Thotiana” rapper. Essentially, he called Soulja a would-be snitch.

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Blueface Speaks From Jail


“I don’t know Soulja Boy still popping it,” Blueface said. “Any n***a happy a n***a in jail, he the type of n***a to tell. We already heard cuz was in here on PC, in a yellow jumpsuit eating applesauce.” That was pretty much the extent of what he had to say. Overall, one could make the argument that he is taking the high road given what Soulja Boy originally said about him. Either way, with Blue in jail until July, it seems like he doesn’t want to do anything that could push his release further back.

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