Blueface Love Bombs Jaidyn Alexis From Behind Bars, Chrisean Rock Claims He Did The Same With Her


Over the past week, Blueface has found himself back in legal trouble once again. News broke that he was arrested last week and came from a variety of sources making it difficult to tell what exactly went down. According to his mother and business manager, Blue ended up in jail after a parole violation stemming from a 2022 arrest. He turned himself in over the weekend which prompted reactions from almost everyone in his orbit.

One of the most surprising reactions came from Blue himself. Right after turning himself in he dropped a new project called Free Blueface. The project features seven new tracks and a handful of features including Kevin Gates and DDG. Now we’re getting yet another surprising reaction from Blueface about his own arrest. This time he’s claiming to actually appreciate some things about being behind bars. In a recorded phone conversation he claimed to love life in jail, describing it as “active.” Listen to the entire recording below.

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Blueface Saying He Doesn’t Mind Jail

In the same phone call, Blueface shows quite a bit of love for Jaidyn Alexis. The two found themselves in headlines quite a bit this holiday season. Blue allegedly bought her a house despite the fact that they had broken up. But Chrisean Rock disputed that series of events claiming that the house was actually just a rental and that Blue wasn’t really paying for it. Drama continued to arise from the house throughout the holiday season like when Blue and his son ended up stuck inside an elevator inside it.

Chrisean once again emerged when the phone call between Blue and Jaidyn made the rounds online. She claims that Blue also called her and claimed that he was going to ask her to be his girlfriend. Because Chrisean has been called out for similar statements being untrue in the past, many fans don’t believe her newest claims. What do you think of Blueface’s various reactions to being in jail after turning himself in? Let us know in the comment section below.

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