Blueface Reportedly Has It Easier Than His Fellow Inmates In Jail

Blueface may be in jail right now, though his living conditions are nowhere near as bad as they are for others in his position.

TMZ reported on Monday (January 22) that the “Thotiana” rapper, who is currently locked up at the Los Angeles County Sheriff Men’s Central Jail, has a cell all to himself in addition to some other amenities.


He can reportedly spend seven hours a week at education classes or religious services, plus he has his meals brought to him. Furthermore, he even has access to a television set and the library.

The outlet claims that the 27-year-old is in administrative segregation, which means he is housed separately from the general population “due to the threat presented against them, or the threat they present to the jail, other inmates or personnel.”


As of now, it is unclear what type of administrative segregation Blueface is under — protective custody, which is “housing that requires an inmate to be administratively segregated from the general population due to specific or vague threats against them or an affiliated group to which they identify,” or restrictive housing, which “requires an inmate to be confined to a cell at least 22 hours per day for the safe and secure operation of the facility.”

HipHopDX has reached out to the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department for more information.

Blueface's Las Vegas Shooting Debt Soars To Over $14M As Rapper Gets Stung By Interest

Blueface’s Las Vegas Shooting Debt Soars To Over $14M As Rapper Gets Stung By Interest

Last week, TMZ reported that the Southern California native is being held in the county jail for violating his probation in an assault charge from 2021 wherein he and his entourage allegedly assaulted a club bouncer.

Sheriff’s department records indicate that he will remain behind bars until July 2, 2024, though his release is subject to change.


Although it is unclear what exactly landed him in jail, Blueface’s mother hinted that it may have something to do with “baby mama drama.” On the same day he turned himself in, Karlissa Saffold took to social media and suggested that Jaidyn Alexis and Chrisean Rock had a hand in her son’s current situation.

“Jaidyn got him one charge, Rock got him the one that violated the other,” she wrote. “That’s why it’s so quiet. Praying everyone now understands why I didn’t want them together. Because parents want the best for their children.”


The 51-year-old continued: “I love them all but not together. Praying for everyone to listen to their parents [prayer hands emoji]. My baby is in jail and my heart is broken again. Because they don’t listen.”

She then went into further detail, claiming that that Alexis “threw a glass at security” while Rock “hit a fan,” and that their refusal to come forward and tell the authorities what exactly happened is what landed her son in more trouble.

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