Boom Crack! Dance Company Presents “Ghetto Vintage” Hip Hop Dance Production


Chicago, IL, October 20, 2023 –(– BOOM CRACK! Dance Company, a renowned Chicago Hip Hop dance company, is thrilled to announce its upcoming 6th annual production, “Ghetto Vintage,” taking place on December 2 and 3, 2023. This performance showcases BOOM CRACK!’s dynamic choreography, infectious beats, and immense talent.

“Ghetto Vintage” will showcase the artistry and creativity of BOOM CRACK! Dance Company’s talented dancers, who have been meticulously trained in various hip hop styles. Audiences can expect a fusion of house, dancehall, popping, and urban contemporary movement all seamlessly blended together.

The production will feature a diverse music score, carefully curated to enhance the electrifying choreography. The dancers’ expressive movement, combined with the dynamic rhythms, will transport the audience into a world where movement becomes a language of its own.

“We are eager to present ‘Ghetto Vintage’ to our community,” said BOOM CRACK! Dance Company’s Artistic Director, Trae Turner. “This production is inspired by the neighborhood Corner Store. Viewing this ghetto mainstay as a symbol, a hangout spot, and the heartbeat of many neighborhoods across the city. This is a celebration of hip hop and hip hop culture. Boldly showcasing its ability to ‘make something out of nothing’.”

“Ghetto Vintage” will take place at Ann Barzel Theater at Visceral Center Name, a state-of-the-art theater known for its intimate vibe. The Ann Barzel Theater at Visceral Center’s layout ensures an immersive experience for every audience member, allowing them to fully appreciate the intricate choreography and the dancers’ boundless energy.

Tickets for “Ghetto Vintage” will be available for purchase starting October 12nd, 2023 through Early booking is highly recommended, as this performance is expected to sell out quickly due to BOOM CRACK! Dance Company’s reputation for delivering unforgettable shows.

For more information, please visit or contact Michelle Radvillas at

About BOOM CRACK! Dance Company:
BOOM CRACK! Dance Company, founded in 2009, is a renowned Chicago dance company dedicated to promoting and preserving the art of hip hop dance. With a focus on hip hop and urban contemporary styles, the company strives to inspire, entertain, and educate audiences through innovative performances and community outreach programs. BOOM CRACK! Dance Company has gained recognition for its exceptional talent, story telling, creativity, and commitment to artistic excellence. The company consists of dancers from various dance backgrounds ranging from contemporary and jazz to various hip-hop styles. Unlike average hip-hop companies, BOOM CRACK! creates inspiring and memorable concept-based sets with a style that is unique to the company. The “BCDC dance style” emerged as variations of Founder and Artistic Director Trae Turner’s style, which can be described as “controlled chaos” or “high energy street jazz.” Its concepts and style of dance push the boundaries of today’s hip-hop dance and open the door for creating the hip-hop dance of tomorrow.

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