Boosie Badazz Recalls Katt Williams Gifting Him $15K After Prison

Boosie Badazz has voiced his support and admiration for Katt Williams after the comedian took shots at a number of celebrities during a recent interview.

On Sunday (January 6), the Baton Rouge rapper went live on Instagram and recalled the Friday After Next star’s kindness toward him after his release from prison in 2014.


“I came home, I ain’t had nothing, man,” he began. “[Katt] invited me to his concert. I mean front-row seats. When I was leaving, gave me $15,000. That’s real n-gga shit.

“You know how many celebrities was hollering ‘Free Boosie’? When I saw them, they didn’t even acknowledge me; he gave me $15,000 […] he did that from the heart, man. He know what I had been through, bro.”


He concluded: “I’ll never forget that. When I see him, I’m definitely going to bless him, bro. And I keep 15, 20 in my pocket at all time.”

Check out Boosie’s comments below:

During an unfiltered appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay last week, Williams also threw shade at Diddy, who was recently accused of several instances of sexual assault but has vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

At one point during the chat, the 52-year-old said he turned down an invitation to one of the mogul’s parties due to gay sex allegedly taking place at them.

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Ludacris Fires Back At Katt Williams’ ‘Ugly Wife’ Diss With Kanye West Freestyle

“I gotta protect my integrity and that virgin hole I was telling you about ’cause P. Diddy be wanting to party and you gotta tell him no,” he said, referencing a previous comment about how he managed to “get this far in Hollywood and still have a virgin asshole and never have sucked a penis.

“You got to tell him no. I did. I got the receipts for everything I’m telling you.”


Williams threw another jab at the New York City native later in the interview while discussing his attitude towards women, saying: “When I see people’s wives and stuff, I don’t even look at ’em. I don’t wanna look at nothing I don’t wanna have because I know how blessed I am.”

“If I look at it, I got it. That’s how Diddy be feeling,” he added, prompting Sharpe to slump over in laughter.”

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