Boosie Badazz Shows ‘Crazy’ Stalker Mercy Despite Death Threats

Boosie Badazz has shown leniency towards his stalker despite a repeated pattern of unhinged behavior that has included threats against his life.

Over the weekend, Boosie shared a number of clips of his alleged stalker outside his home as she was confronted by police.


Now, the controversial rapper has shed light on the troubling situation and said he does not want to see the woman sent to prison.

On Instagram Live, Boosie said: “That stalker shit, I been going through that for four months. Probably five months. That’s about her eighth time coming and not wanting to leave. She crazy. Crazy ain’t the word, bro.

“She been coming for like six months straight. She came three times this week saying she gonna shoot up the house. We thought she had real guns but they were BB guns. Talking about how she ready to die. She going to kill me.”

He continued: “I told them let her go, bro. I mean, give her a warning. I can’t put nobody in jail, bro. Just let her go. I think they called somebody else for her kid though because police was like, ‘She really messed up in the head.’ The little girl called me her daddy and she say her mama told her that.

“She need to get some help, bro. One day, she came in the yard with some earrings from Claire’s. She said you can keep these $50,000 earrings. About five months ago, I went to the car and I told her, ‘I don’t know you. I never seen you before in my life. Get from out my fucking yard.’”

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Boosie also detailed how dangerous the situation became after she showed up at his house with a BB gun: “It almost got real bad, bro. She in front of the gate flashing a BB gun. It looked like a real gun, though. Telling me come out or she gonna shoot this shit up. I ain’t letting a dog on her. My dog’s going to kill her.”

The Baton Rouge native previously spoke about his issues with the alleged stalker when he showed her being confronted by authorities on his property.


“Yeah, we got her ass now, look,” he said while pointing his smartphone camera at the cops. “Crazy stalker bitch. Other day, she pulled up, jumped out with two BB guns, talkin’ bout she finna spray the house. The day before that, after that, she jumped out again with two BB Guns and tried to walk up on [Boosie’s son] Tootie.

“Last week, she came again, talkin’ bout we married and I bought her $20,000 earrings. A month ago, she did some more shit. Now, today, she come block my driveway off so nobody can come through, talkin’ bout she ready to die, with her kids in the car. Stalker ass bitch — you tryin’ a n-gga now.”

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