Boosie Badazz Speaks On Quando Rondo Arrest, Posts Throwback Prison Selfie

Boosie Badazz‘s VladTV interviews with DJ Vlad are almost as certain as taxes these days, and they always contain some interesting diatribes. While some can turn more antic-heavy or scandalous, as the Baton Rouge rapper’s social media presence tends to be, this most recent sit-down resulted in a reflection on a recent arrest within the hip-hop game. Moreover, he spoke on Quando Rondo‘s recent stint on federal drug charges, for which he nabbed a $100K bond. Vlad asked the 41-year-old why Rondo’s career is struggling with these legal issues despite his artistry and industry support. For this, he had a pretty nuanced and empathetic answer.

Furthermore, Boosie sought to emphasize how he can relate to Quando Rondo’s situation and his run-ins with the law. He said that his past collaborator’s behavior reminds him of his own when he was also a young artist with a troubled background. Specifically, the Trill Entertainment affiliate agreed with Vlad that the Savannah, Georgia native should consider moving to another city to stray further away from his volatile path. They discussed somewhere close like Atlanta, but also propositioned Miami and Los Angeles as solid options to begin anew.

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Quando Rondo’s Arrest Discussed On VladTV: Watch


Not only that, but Boosie also wanted to highlight the weight that personal accountability and responsibility holds when one attempts to break a vicious cycle of crime and legal trouble. As we know, he can relate far too closely to Quando Rondo’s status. In fact, the “Set It Off” MC recently posted a throwback selfie from when he was in prison on death row to his Twitter page, showing how far he’s come since. “2011” ME ON DEATHROW N MY CELL ON MY CELL PHONE FLEXING #somanydontknowmystruggle [prayer hands emoji],” he captioned the social media post.

Boosie’s Old Jail Selfie

Meanwhile, it would be interesting to see if these two spitters link up again one day, whether as comrades or as co-writers. They previously worked on tracks like “3 Options,” showcasing plenty of chemistry as Southern rappers. Hopefully Quando acknowledges and boosts himself off of those in the game that have his best interests at heart and can speak from experience. On that note, stay posted on HNHH for the latest news and updates on Boosie Badazz and Quando Rondo.

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