‘Bridge-the-Gap’: A Celebration of Hip-Hop Dance Culture

‘Bridge-the-Gap’: A Celebration of Hip-Hop Dance Culture

In a vibrant display of rhythm and movement, ‘Bridge-the-Gap’, a dance competition focusing on choreography and street dance, has set the stage for a unique celebration of hip-hop culture. This national contest, orchestrated by host and MC Eddy Alvaro, brings together the raw energy of street dance with the finesse of studio dance. The event, with its roots steeped in styles such as break-dance, open-style, and hip hop, aims to connect diverse dance communities across Canada.

Connecting Dance Worlds

‘Bridge-the-Gap’ is more than a competition; it’s a gathering that resonates with the beats of street-culture. Providing live feedback from established industry professionals and DJs, the event celebrates the true spirit of hip-hop dance. Dancers from far and wide, including Montreal, Winnipeg, and Alberta, converge on this platform to showcase their talent, with the winners walking away with cash prizes and gift cards. The judgement criteria, steeped in street-culture preferences, is a testament to the authenticity of the event.

Emphasizing Hip-Hop Culture

At the helm of this event, Eddy Alvaro encourages participants to delve deep into the history and fundamentals of hip-hop culture. The competition serves as an educational platform, aiming to eradicate misconceptions and highlight the distinctiveness of hip-hop from other dance styles. This ethos resonates with participants like Grace Cortes, a seasoned dancer with six years of experience under her belt.

Grace Cortes: Dancing for the Love of It

Grace Cortes, adept in various styles such as hip-hop, street jazz, jazz funk, popping, and whacking, is a strong advocate for the differentiation of hip-hop from styles like jazz-funk. For Cortes, the competition isn’t just about winning; it’s about enjoying the dance and having a good time. Her goals align with the core values of ‘Bridge-the-Gap’, reinforcing the event’s commitment to celebrating and promoting the rich tapestry of hip-hop culture.

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