‘Brilliant’: Pupils given street art lesson by graffiti artist

Gleniffer High School pupils have used containers, which hold bikes for the school, as their canvas.

The initiative was started by Jack Slicer, an art teacher at the school, during the school’s ‘health week’ after they were awarded a grant from the Celebrating Renfrewshire Funds.

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The Gazette:

The Gazette:

The Gazette:

Jack brought in the expertise of well-known graffiti artist Tef (who goes by @Tef_94 on Instagram) to showcase his talents to S3 pupils and teach them the skills he has learned.

Speaking about the project, Jack said: “It has been really well-received by all the kids.

“Street art and graffiti is a grey area really, so what we are trying to do is get that creative part of their brain going.

“If we are letting them do it in a contained space where they can do it, then it might help them find that passion.

“Most of the kids were blown away with what you could do after taking a while to get started.

“You could see them be in what can only be described as a free-flow state.

“They are really really enjoying it.”

The Gazette:

The Gazette:

Tef, who prefers to keep his real name under wraps, is well known for his creative graffiti tag of a pigeon.

His artwork can be seen all over the world ranging from Paisley to Lanzarote. His work can be viewed HERE

But the artist said that being able to show the next generation how to handle a spray can was “brilliant”.

He added: “You can see them really throwing themself into it, and you might get someone who takes it up as a hobby.

“There was one girl who was amazed any time we started and was saying ‘that is amazing, this is amazing’ whenever we were doing something.

“It is good to see them react like that because that is what I was like.

 “I never had anything like this in school and would have really enjoyed it.”

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