BUDRO’s Beat: Dropping Fresh Styles in Hip-Hop Fashion

There’s a new player shaking up the status quo in the pulsating heart of hip-hop culture, an arena where beats and fashion intersect. Meet BUDRO, the brand that’s not just riding the wave of hip-hop style but creating a whole new ocean of possibilities. Launched in the vibrant, diverse streets of Los Angeles in April 2023, BUDRO is turning heads and setting trends, redefining what hip-hop fashion is all about.

Hip-hop fashion, long characterized by its bold expressions and deep ties to street culture, has always been a dynamic and evolving canvas. In recent years, this vibrant community has witnessed a seismic shift as new voices and perspectives challenge traditional style trends. This wave of change is not just about new styles or brands; it’s a deeper, more fundamental shift in how fashion is perceived and embraced in hip-hop culture.

At the forefront of this movement are artists and influencers who dare to defy conventional norms, blending unexpected elements and drawing inspiration from diverse sources. From high-end fashion runways to DIY streetwear, the boundaries are blurring.


The story of BUDRO begins in Los Angeles, a melting pot of dreams, talent, and ambition. Among the bustling streets and bright city lights, Michael Yerger, Christian Hogue, Maverick McConnell, Silas Forest, and Matt McGuire came together with a vision. Aiming to forge a new path in hip-hop fashion, a path that resonates with the genre’s vibrant beat and unapologetic spirit, they wanted to do more than create clothing.

Model-​​Mikey Kravitz | Credit-Silas Forest

BUDRO’s approach to fashion is audacious and pioneering. Take their iconic Tracer Tanks and Doublewide Tees, for example – these aren’t just pieces of fabric sewn together; they’re bold statements, emblems of a new era in hip-hop style. This is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation, a blend of streetwise aesthetics and cutting-edge design, which reflect the brand’s dedication to innovation.

But BUDRO is about more than just clothes; it’s about a connection. The brand has become a voice for those in the hip-hop community who see fashion as an extension of their personality and story. It’s a celebration of identity, a fusion of music and style that captures the raw, authentic essence of hip-hop culture.

As BUDRO continues its ascent, it mirrors the transformative journeys of hip-hop’s greatest artists. From humble beginnings to a name that resonates across continents, BUDRO’s story is one of tenacity, creativity, and breaking barriers. It’s a narrative that inspires, much like the hip-hop legends who have carved their paths through sheer will and unyielding passion.

Today, BUDRO stands at the forefront of a fashion revolution. The brand has transcended the role of a mere label; it has become a movement, a symbol of change and innovation. In challenging the conventional, BUDRO has set a new standard, where boldness and authenticity aren’t just appreciated – they’re celebrated.

BUDRO’s influence in the hip-hop fashion landscape is profound. It’s not just adapting to trends; it’s defining them, inspiring a generation to embrace their unique style and story. This brand is not just a collection of clothing, but a testament to the spirit of hip-hop, a culture that thrives on the spirit of originality, individuality and personal expression, and this brand reflects that spirit.

Model-​​Evan Terry | Credit-Silas Forest

It is impossible to ignore BUDRO’s influence on hip-hop fashion as we look to the future. Not only did this brand establish itself in the industry, but it has also become a catalyst for change, inspiring others to express themselves boldly. Fashion at BUDRO is more than just what you wear; it is your identity as a vibrant, living embodiment of hip-hop.

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