Busta Rhymes Honors DJ Kay Slay; Hip Hop Stars Rally for Healthcare Reform

Busta Rhymes Honors DJ Kay Slay; Hip Hop Stars Rally for Healthcare Reform

Hip Hop stalwart Busta Rhymes recently paid homage to the legacy of the late DJ Kay Slay and highlighted Papoose’s dedication to preserving the DJ’s memory. At a private gathering, Busta lauded Papoose for not only being a commendable father, husband, and friend, but also for his prowess as a storyteller. He further underlined Papoose’s commitment to carrying forward the legacy of Kay Slay, who played a pivotal role in discovering Papoose.

Remembering DJ Kay Slay

Known for his significant contributions to the Hip Hop community, DJ Kay Slay passed away in April 2022 at the age of 55 due to complications related to COVID-19. A special tribute to Kay Slay’s influence was unveiled in November, showcasing an hour-long track with contributions from over 200 artists. The likes of Snoop Dogg, Bun B, Ice-T, Paul Wall, and Raekwon lent their voices to the tribute, which was divided into 16 parts, each echoing the unity and mutual respect within the Hip Hop industry for Kay Slay’s work.

Regrets and Lessons

Adding to the narrative, DJ Vlad expressed his sorrow for not pushing Kay Slay to get vaccinated against the deadly virus, speculating that it could have potentially saved the DJ’s life. The regret expressed by Vlad has since sparked conversations about the importance of vaccination, particularly in the Hip Hop community.

Hip Hop Takes on Healthcare

Meanwhile, rapper Fat Joe is rallying Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, and French Montana for a concert in Washington, D.C. Their mission? To spotlight discrepancies in hospital charges and advocate for healthcare reform. Collaborating with the non-profit organization Power to the Patients, these performers aim to demand transparency and accountability from hospitals and insurance companies, as only 25% of hospitals currently adhere to federal guidelines on pricing transparency. Details about the concert are still under wraps.

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