Cardi B Joins Madonna Onstage For Raunchy Dance-Off During “Vogue”


Madonna‘s The Celebration Tour has been a spectacle to witness, and folks in Inglewood, California for her Monday night performance (March 11) had a great surprise to enjoy. Moreover, the one and only Cardi B walked out onstage to rate a dance-off with the pop legend for “Vogue,” and this celebrity guest slot during this song is a staple of her shows at this point. The “CHAMPAGNE ROSÉ” collaborators held up signs reading “10” or “CHOP” as the dancers strutted their stuff. What’s more is that the Bronx rapper twerked for the crowd and for the dancers, too, and you know for a fact that she got a ten from her peers.

Overall, it was a pretty glamorous, raunchy, and above all fun performance from two dominant artists in their fields. The influence that the “Like A Virgin” icon laid down for generations to come is undeniable and deeply rooted, even if affirmation of this can come off as combative. For example, Madonna and Cardi B were actually at odds for a couple of hours thanks to a seemingly dismissive post from the former to the latter, which Cardi didn’t appreciate considering her consistent fandom. But they spoke and cleared things up, and it became apparent that it was just a simple misunderstanding.

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Cardi B & Madonna Host A “Vogue” Dance-Off On Tour: Watch

Furthermore, there are other non-Cardi B aspects of The Celebration Tour that weren’t as warmly received. Fortunately, these examples seem to have resolved amicably and without much fuss. One of them is how Madonna removed an image of Luther Vandross from her AIDS tribute during her concerts after his estate clarified that he never claimed to have AIDS or HIV. He actually passed away due to stroke complications.

Meanwhile, the “Like What” lyricist is dropping another new single this week, extending the hype and momentum behind her next album drop. Do you think this next move from Bardi will be a 10 or a chop? However you may feel, drop your thoughts down in the comments section below. Also, for more news on Madonna and the latest updates on Cardi B, stick around on HNHH.

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