Cardi B Still Has Faith In The State Of Hip Hop

Cardi B has shared her thoughts on Hip Hop culture, revealing that she is optimistic about it despite widespread concerns.

During a chat with The Hollywood Reporter that went live on Friday (February 9), the “WAP” hitmaker talked about the music business and the current shape of the branch within which she operates.


“People keep saying like, ‘Oh, the state of Hip Hop is bad right now — blah, blah, blah,’” the 31-year-old began. “I don’t think it’s bad right now; I just feel like people just don’t know what they want.

“I feel like social media is running too much, so I just feel like just keep doing you, fuck what people got to say.”

Watch the New York native talk about her craft at the 2:46 mark below:

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Last month, Cardi B’s vodka-infused whipped cream brand unveiled its collaboration with the Museum of Ice Cream in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day.

In an Instagram post from late January, Whipshots announced that the partnership will feature an exclusive dessert cocktail. The post featured a promo shot of Cardi B wearing a satin pink mini dress while holding the sweet treat.


“STRAWBERRY WHIPSHOTS + ICE CREAM? Talk about a match made in bougie heaven!” the caption read. “Our newest flavor is finally here to bring some sexy to your sip (or bite!), and we’ve partnered with Museum of Ice Cream to celebrate!”

In a press release shared via Business Wire, the CMO of Whipshot’s’ parent company explained that the latest flavor is one fans have been asking for since the product first launched in 2021.

Cardi B Channels Viral Meme In NYX Cosmetics Super Bowl Commercial Teaser
Cardi B Channels Viral Meme In NYX Cosmetics Super Bowl Commercial Teaser

As for the Museum of Ice Cream, the partnership was a no brainer.

“We are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance visitors’ experience at Museum of Ice Cream and create unforgettable moments for them,” the company’s chief marketing officer said. “This collaboration promises to infuse our locations with a burst of creativity, allowing guests to immerse themselves in exclusive, tasty drinks co-crafted with Whipshots and Cardi B, ensuring a truly enjoyable and unique experience for everyone who walks through our doors.”


Consisting of two desserts — a “Whipshake Milkshake” and “The Diamond” — the promo is running for a limited time now at the three Museum of Ice Cream locations in Austin, Chicago and New York City.

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