Catholic Hip Hop Artist John Levi Releases Highly Anticipated Project Emphasizing Sacred Pillars of Faith


Tampa, FL, January 01, 2024 –(– John Levi, the Catholic hip hop artist who released the breakthrough single “Real Presence,” has unveiled his latest musical endeavor, “2 Strikes 2 Pillars.” The highly-anticipated album that reaches a bit deeper than the typical Christian hip hop production. It is a poignant testament to faith and cultural identity that prompts the listener to investigate powerful solutions on their spiritual journey.

John Levi’s trek through the catacombs of Catholic hip hop has not only gained attention but has become a beacon for those seeking a fusion between established theology and authentic hip hop culture. Launched by John Levi over a decade ago, 4Marks Music continues to be a premier and noteworthy music media force in the Christian Hip hop sub-genre. It should be noted that John Levi has experienced success with the group Foundnation and El Padrecito Ministries touring nationally and internationally.

Inspired by Saint John Bosco’s prophetic vision, where two pillars represent the Eucharist and Mary, this album resonates with Christians of all backgrounds, weaving spirituality, resilience, and urban culture into a harmonious narrative. This is the over arching message of the 4Marks Music imprint.

In this project, John Levi embarks on a deep personal exploration of two fundamental pillars of the Catholic faith. He describes them as indispensable elements that provide stability and guidance amidst life’s challenges. Reflecting on the significance of these pillars, Levi shares, “They’ve helped me through countless personal issues and provide a balanced viewpoint on external/world issues. They’ve been a constant beacon of comfort especially when it comes to identifying as an African American Catholic. Our focus on the pillars as individuals and as a universal church is paramount during the difficult times we’re in.”

“2 Strikes 2 Pillars” transcends traditional musical boundaries, merging inspiring beats with timeless spiritual truths. Each track invites listeners to delve into the depths of faith while celebrating these foundations that offer unwavering support. Levi’s creative lyricism not only captures the essence of his unique perspective but also echoes a message of hope and resilience in today’s chaotic times. His commitment to infusing spirituality into his music solidifies his mark as an artist who authentically intertwines his experiences with the universal message of Christian hope.

Released on Christmas Eve 2023, “2 Strikes 2 Pillars” features Paradox, C2Six, and Ve Chica. The project has already garnered significant attention from music enthusiasts in it’s first week. This work cements 4Marks Music’s legacy as a certified “religious rap” factory uniting artists and listeners who share similar sentiments.

“2 Strikes 2 Pillars” is available for streaming and purchase on all major platforms.

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