Celebrating 40 Years of Hip Hop: Grand Master Ready D’s Unforgetta…


February 13, 2024: South Africa’s Hip Hop Pioneer, Grand Master Ready D, Celebrates 40 Years of Shaping the Culture and Music


From Mitchells Plain to the Global Stage: Ready D’s Hip Hop Journey

Born and raised in Mitchells Plain, Grand Master Ready D was introduced to the world of Hip Hop at a young age. Songs like ‘Rapper’s Delight’ by the Sugar Hill gang and Curtis Blow sparked his interest and set him on a path that would change the face of South African music forever.

As breakdancing gained popularity in the 80s, Ready D and his friends took to the city center, trains their only means of transportation, to dance and perform on the streets. Cardboard boxes became their makeshift stages, carried around Mitchells Plain as they showcased their talent and passion for the art.


The Evolution of South African Hip Hop: A British Influence

In 1984, a trip to the UK proved to be a turning point in Ready D’s career. He returned home with a wealth of music, insight, and knowledge about Hip Hop, enabling him to stay ahead of the curve in the local music scene.

As a result, iconic groups like Prophets of Da City emerged from the matinee sessions held at venues such as Teasers and The Base. Ready D is quick to point out that these activities originated in Cape Town, eventually influencing Joburg to establish its own matinee club.


Grand Master Ready D’s Legacy: 40 Years of Hip Hop in South Africa

Today, Grand Master Ready D celebrates 40 years in the industry, a testament to his dedication and influence in shaping South African Hip Hop culture. His contributions have not gone unnoticed, as the community continues to recognize and celebrate his achievements.

Multiple award-winning rapper, K.O, recently released ‘Swave Freestyle,’ a tribute to the pioneers of the genre, further highlighting the enduring impact of Grand Master Ready D’s work.

As South Africa’s Hip Hop scene continues to evolve, the legacy of Grand Master Ready D serves as a reminder of the power of passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of artistic excellence.

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