Chocolate City celebrates 50 years of Hip hop

Chocolate City, a Nigerian music label has announced the release of a star studded Cypher in tribute to the golden anniversary of Hip hop.

As hip-hop celebrates its 50th anniversary, the record label honours its legacy by showcasing the best of Nigerian hip-hop through the Chocolate City Cypher.

Since its emergence in the Bronx in the early 1970s, hip hop has grown from a local movement to a global phenomenon, influencing fashion, language, and lifestyle.

The tribute track features an elite lineup of artists like MI Abaga, Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince, A-Q, Loose Kaynon, and Blaqbonez, marking a celebration of the genre that has shaped generations of Nigerian music.

“From the days of MI’s groundbreaking hits to the current era of Blaqbonez, we have not only witnessed but also shaped the evolution of this genre in Nigeria. This Cypher celebrates that legacy and our ongoing commitment to hip hop,” Abuchi Peter Ugwu, CEO of Chocolate City Music, said in a statement.

According to him, hip-hop has given a voice to the voiceless and brought diverse communities together. He said further that Chocolate City’s impact on Nigerian hip-hop can be traced back to the late 2000s, with MI’s “Safe” remix revolutionising the industry.

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“MI’s lyrical prowess and storytelling set a new standard in the Nigerian music scene, paving the way for future hip-hop artists to thrive,” Ugwu stated.

He disclosed further that the introduction of the Choc Boiz, a rap ensemble made up of MI, Jesse Jagz, and Ice Prince, marked a new era in Nigerian hip-hop, blending Afro beats with contemporary hip-hop rhythms that create a unique sound that resonated across the continent.

“To date, Chocolate City has produced over 25 hip hop albums, stamping its authority as the number one hip hop label on the African continent,” Ugwu said.

According to him, Chocolate City has continued to shape the careers of some of the most respected names in Nigerian hip hop culture in the post Choc Boys era, providing a platform for rappers like Loose Kaynon, AQ, Pryse, Candy Bleakz and Blaqbonez.

“Through this Cypher, we’re weaving the past, present, and future of Nigerian hip-hop around music that fans will enjoy. The Chocolate City Cypher showcases our contribution to the genre and reminds us of its power to voice societal narratives. We’re proud to be a driving force in this journey,” Aibee Abidoye, vice president, Music, Chocolate City Music, said.

According to her, the Chocolate City Cypher blends topical conversations articulated through brilliant wordplay and effusive lyrics. “Each artist brings a unique style and perspective, ensuring that the Cypher resonates with a wide range of audiences. The track is available for download on all major digital music platforms,” Abidoye stated.

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