Chrisean Moving Back In With Blueface Amid Rapper’s Jail Stint

Chrisean Rock is reportedly moving into Blueface’s house while the rapper remains in jail.

The controversial figure took to social media to reveal the news on Thursday (January 25), sharing in an Instagram story, “moving back with my baby Daddddy.”


The Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy In Love star also shared a photo of a moving truck, presumably heading from her home to the residence of her on-again-off-again partner.

Though Chrisean seems intent on moving into the “Thotiana” rapper’s home, others in his life seem opposed to the idea, to say the least.


Blueface’s mom Karlissa Saffold commented on a reblogging of Chrisean’s post by The Neighborhood Talk, saying “She bet not be mad when he come home and ask her to leave. Because she already know he don’t fuck with her in real life.”

The reality star and rapper has had trouble distancing herself from her partner. Earlier this week she revealed why she can’t “move on” from Blueface, despite their tumultuous relationship.

Speaking on Instagram Live, Chrisean shed some light on her rocky relationship with the father of her child, saying nobody outside of her and Blue are able to “understand” their dynamic.


“The week before the n-gga was locked up, we had so much fucking fun together. That shit was so fun,” she said. “It’s, like, best friend type vibes. Nobody else can understand but us type shit.

“I thought when he went to jail, I was just going to be like, ‘Alright, cool, great.’ But then, I ain’t going to hold you… you see how I try move on and shit.”

Blueface Denies He's In Protective Custody In Jail: 'I Will Never Go PC'

Blueface Denies He’s In Protective Custody In Jail: ‘I Will Never Go PC’

She continued: “One thing about it is, I don’t want to talk up too bad on what happened. Long story short, you know how you just fall back. He changed in two seconds. Hell yeah, huh? On God, huh?”

Chrisean then referenced a viral video in which she and Blueface are seen having a heated argument before claiming the rapper asked her: “You finna be outside or you finna be my bitch?”


Seemingly giving her answer to that question, Rock revealed she and her on-again, off-again boyfriend have talked “for hours” on the phone every night since Blue was jailed earlier this month.

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