Chrisean Rock Says “Free Blueface” As She Proclaims Love For Her Former Boo


Chrisean Rock is taking another 180 in her love life, specifically with someone who people thought she was over. Turns out that, when it comes to the volatile and downright combative relationship between her and Blueface, it’ll likely always be a back and forth. Moreover, you may remember that the former Baddies star accompanied him along with their son Chrisean Jr. to turn himself in for apparent parole violations. Following that, she just took to Twitter to proclaim her support and love– yes, love– for the rapper. In addition, Rock included a long video of them at the club, which comes quite out of context as we don’t have a solid timeframe of when this took place.

“#FreeBlueface [blue heart emoji] [rainy cloud emoji] [star emoji] I love you,” Chrisean Rock captioned this video. For any other couple, this would be a sweet moment, but fans have seen this act far too often to think anything significant might change. The two are almost always at odds, whether in true-blue physical fights or disagreements over past relationships, cheating accusations, raising their son, and a whole lot more. However, if we are to give the benefit of the doubt, it seems like actually going through with this arrest brightened her perception of Blueface.

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Chrisean Rock “Loves” Blueface, Calls For His Freedom

Furthermore, the California MC also has a lot of love to give, as he apparently love-bombed both of his exes while behind bars. At least, that’s what he showed to Jaidyn Alexis during a phone call from jail that recently surfaced online. Chrisean Rock claimed that Blueface said the same to her, but a lot of people expressed skepticism at that. Regardless of what’s true or not, her being open to a reconciliation is something that could bear much harsher consequences down the line, and we don’t even know if he’d agree.

As such, hopefully the Baltimore native just focuses on her family and her son, patiently waiting for the 26-year-old to return. It’s not like the have to be on bad terms; in fact, it would be great if they can just co-parent happily and healthily. But hopefully that’s what she’s shooting for here, because she has a long list of receipts as to why they just shouldn’t date each other. With that in mind, stick around on HNHH for the latest news and updates on Chrisean Rock and Blueface.

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