Coloring the cityscape: Taipei’s riverside parks embrace legal graffiti | Taiwan News

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The public is encouraged to showcase their graffiti art on the walls of Taipei’s riverbank parks.

The seven designated locations, including the largest wall in Chengmei Left Bank Riverside Park, provide “canvases” for creative expressions with a lifespan of up to four months. The Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) ensures a fresh start for new creations by regularly cleaning the walls.

There are no topic restrictions for graffiti, but indecent or political content will be erased. This initiative aims to enhance the riverside landscape while fostering a vibrant atmosphere of artistic expression.

However, the HEO warned against illegal graffiti, with fines of up to NT$6,000 (US$194) as per park management regulations. Residents can report illicit graffiti affecting the cityscape through the 1999 Citizen Hotline.

Discover artistic freedom at the seven legal graffiti walls located in Chengmei Left Bank Riverside Park, Chengmei Right Bank Riverside Park, Guanshan Riverside Park, Yingfeng Riverside Park, Meiti Riverside Park, Jingmei Riverside Park, and Xizhou Riverside Park.

Coloring the cityscape: Taipei's riverside parks embrace legal graffiti
Graffiti wall in Taipei’s riverside parks. (Taipei City Hydraulic Engineering Office photo)

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