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Cool and Calm Record Label USA Partners with The Hype Wknd Mobay

Yo, listen up artists. Cool and Calm Record Label USA has been on a meteoric rise in the past six months, emerging as a powerhouse in the music biz. A spinoff from the uber-successful Cool and Calm Production in London, this stateside branch is steered by none other than President Brian Miller and Vice President Logan H. James.

Now look, Logan H. James – straight outta Baltimore, independent music artist turned VP was the first to ink a deal with Cool and Calm. He’s been on the grind, hitting the road, dropping unreleased fire tracks that got fans salivating for more.

Cool and Calm built a hot squad that includes heavy hitters like Sleep Don’t Reech (Coalition DJs DMV), Chad Focus, Nella Writes, and more important Prime names lining up to join the crew. Global Waves Media Broadcasting, covering three continents, even snagged an interview with the squad during their London promo tour.

Now, picture this: Cool and Calm Record Label USA is gearing up for The Hype Wknd Festival, and let me tell ya, it’s gonna be off the chain. With sponsors like Famous United Group, Party God Productions, BThe Millers Luxury Travel, Stoners Peace and more, Hype Weekend Mobay is about to set the stage on fire. Celeb guests and up-and-coming artists are gonna bring nothing but vibes and top-notch entertainment to the scene.

So, get ready to vibe out and party hard as Cool and Calm Record Label USA takes center stage at the Hype Weekend Festival. With their dope energy, smoking lineup, and commitment to push boundaries in the hip-hop game, this independent traveling team is set to make waves like never before. Stay tuned for an epic weekend filled with nothing but good vibes, sick beats, and unforgettable moments. Cool and Calm in the house – let’s get it!

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