DDT: Infusing Hip-Hop Dance With Fierceness, Passion

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DDT is a tight-knit, hip-hop dance club at Colgate University that knows how to effectively energize the crowd. The group currently consists of 11 members and performs at Dancefest each semester. DDT is completely student-run in terms of recruiting members and choreographing new and interesting performances.

Sophomore Talia Holceker is the vice president of DDT and joined the group in the fall of 2022 as a way to further her passion for dance. She described how she found herself drawn to the supportive community of DDT as she was searching for ways to get involved on campus. 

“I joined DDT in the fall of my first year because I wanted to continue my dance background and join a hip-hop group at Colgate,” Holceker said. “I have been dancing for 15 years, so finding a space similar to my dance community at home was important. When I auditioned for DDT, I immediately felt at home and had the opportunity to find my love for dance again.”

The group typically meets once a week for two-hour practices every Sunday. Rehearsal times gradually increase as performances approach, such as for the preparation of the highly anticipated Dancefest.

Senior Sarah Fatzinger, DDT’s current president, joined the group in the fall of 2021 due to her love of hip-hop dance. Aside from DDT, Fatzinger helps run other dance groups on campus, such as the Colgate Tap Troupe, Groove and Melanated. She is also part of the Pom Team.

“I have always enjoyed hip-hop style dance, so DDT was a group I was definitely interested in as groups started to become more active after [the COVID-19 pandemic,” Fatzinger said.

As the president of DDT, Fatzinger’s role involves leading group auditions, coordinating practice schedules and handling logistics, such as booking venues and ordering costumes. 

“I absolutely love the energy of DDT,” Fatzinger said. “We’re a group of people with a shared love of dance, and it’s so exciting to see every semester how we all — new and returning — are able to sync up and contribute to a great performance.”

Holceker elaborated on her passion for dance as well as her love for the tight-knit community within DDT. She described the dynamics of the group and how rehearsals also act as a social gathering to catch up with friends. 

“I love the people and community DDT has created,” Holceker said. “We are a tight-knit group who share a passion for dance and are able to express that through movement and friendship. I look forward to Sunday practices as it is an opportunity to be surrounded by friends and also dance, which is one of my favorite things to do.”

Holceker’s role as vice president involves attending mandatory leadership meetings, assisting with the logistics of weekly practices and playing a pivotal behind-the-scenes role during auditions. Outside of DDT, Holceker is also a member of another dance group called FUSE Dance Company, in addition to her roles as a Haven Ambassador and member of Link Staff. 

First-year Mia Vasco also described the value she has received from being a part of DDT, beginning this year.

“My favorite part about DDT is dancing my favorite style of dance, hip-hop, with a great group of individuals who share the same passion,” Vasco said. “I am very grateful to be a member of this group.”

Fatzinger shared her excitement regarding this semester’s upcoming Dancefest, which will take place on Friday, April 26.

“It’s such a great opportunity to see all of the dance groups come together,” Fatzinger said. “I never fail to be impressed by how hard everyone rocks the stage. The vibes are always amazing.”

DTT serves as a wonderful outlet for those looking to pursue their passion of dance as well as for those hoping to connect with a supportive and exciting community. The club encourages students to attend their upcoming Dancefest performance and consider joining the group next semester.

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