De La Soul’s Posdnuos and Maseo Honor Legacy on Art Official Intel…


Marking a significant chapter in hip-hop history, Art Official Intelligence Radio With De La Soul has made its debut on Apple Music 1, hosted by the iconic duo Posdnuos and Maseo. This groundbreaking show commemorates the 35th anniversary of De La Soul’s debut album, inviting a roster of hip-hop royalty to discuss the group’s indelible mark on the genre, share anecdotes, and explore the legacy of the late Dave “Trugoy the Dove” Jolicoeur.


Retracing the Legacy

De La Soul, a group that has significantly influenced the hip-hop landscape, finds its surviving members, Posdnuos and Maseo, revisiting their roots on this new platform. The show not only celebrates their musical journey but also pays homage to their late bandmate, Trugoy. Through their narratives and the shared memories of guests like Queen Latifah, Tyler, The Creator, and Questlove, listeners are offered an intimate glimpse into the trio’s evolution and the void left by Trugoy’s passing.

Special Guests and Rare Insights


The premiere episode features Queen Latifah, who praises the group for their innovative album skits and acknowledges the duo’s resilience and commitment to honoring their collective legacy. The series promises a mix of interviews with hip-hop’s finest, including Common, Talib Kweli, and Dave Chappelle, alongside a “DemoListen” segment that showcases De La Soul rarities, demos, and hits. This unique blend of content ensures that fans old and new can connect with the group’s storied past and ongoing influence.

More Than Just a Radio Show

Art Official Intelligence Radio transcends its format, serving as a living tribute to De La Soul’s impact on music and culture. Posdnuos’s statement encapsulates the spirit of the endeavor, highlighting it as a continuation of a dream and a testament to their enduring legacy. With each episode, the show fortifies the bridge between hip-hop’s golden age and its future, ensuring that the essence of De La Soul and Trugoy’s memory persists in the hearts of listeners worldwide.

As Art Official Intelligence Radio unfolds, it promises to be more than just a retrospective on De La Soul’s career. It stands as a beacon for hip-hop history, education, and appreciation, inviting audiences to explore the depths of the genre’s roots and its evolution. Through the voices of those who lived it and continue to shape its trajectory, the show offers a compelling narrative that enriches our understanding and celebration of hip-hop culture.

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