Diamond Knot Brewing featuring graffiti art on new Hazy IPA series

Diamond Knot Brewing is hosting a release party at its Mountlake Terrace Brewpub Saturday, Feb. 3 for the first of six Hazy IPAs wrapped in art from local graffiti artists.
Last summer, the Everett-based APEX Art & Culture Center team reached out to Diamond Knot for a beer it could brand for its first annual Preserve the Kulture Jam event. Diamond Knot’s Blonde Ale was canned and wrapped in graffiti art produced by artist Miles. Named APE-Tastic Ale, the beer can art started the brewery sales team thinking about collaborating on can label design.
“Graffiti and urban art is popular today and we thought it would be a great idea to not only brand a new beer series, but also to learn more about the art form and its artists, while also benefiting the community,” said Todd Owsley, Diamond Knot’s sales manager. “Using urban art for design is a fresh idea, and so is the crafting of six new Hazy IPAs.”
Owsley approached APEX — specifically the Carswell family — about partnering on the six-beer Hazy IPA series. The Carswells have been curating original graffiti art on canvas for more than two decades and amassed the world’s largest collection. Known as The DogTown Collection, it consists of historically relevant pieces of art painted by some of graffiti’s most renowned artists dating back to the 1970s. Created as a way to preserve this American art form, The DogTown Collection found its home in the APEX Art & Culture Center founded by John Carswell.
In February, Diamond Knot is launching the first of six Hazy IPAs in The DogTown Collection Series. The first can is wrapped with art from Seattle graffiti artist Charms. The release party is at the Brewpub @ MLT (5602 232nd St. S.W., Mountlake Terrace) from 3-6 p.m. Feb. 3. During the event, Charms will create an original canvas using only aerosol paint. The canvas will be auctioned through an online platform for the following five days and proceeds from the auction will benefit Mary’s Place in Seattle, an organization chosen by Charms.
The event is not only an opportunity to taste the new Hazy IPA, but also is a chance to meet Charms and the Carswells, and learn more about this often-misunderstood art form.
“We are looking forward to this partnership with Diamond Knot,” said Baby G, curator for The DogTown Collection. “This is an opportunity to showcase artists and educate the public about graffiti and urban art. We didn’t see beer can labels as a marketing opportunity a year ago, so this project is exciting for us.”
Canvases from The DogTown Collection are on display in the American Graffiti & Urban Art Conservation Project (AMGRAF) museum located inside the APEX Art & Culture Center in downtown Everett at 1611 Everett Ave. The exhibits are rotated twice each year and are currently available for viewing by appointment. AMGRAF is still seeking funding to operate the museum with a full-time staff. The can art canvas painted by Charms will be on display at AMGRAF beginning in February. Art from the other five cans in the series will also be on display throughout the year. 

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