Diddy Blamed For Ruining Hip Hop By Saigon

Diddy has been blamed by Saigon for being the cause of Hip Hop’s so-called creative downfall.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), the rapper and actor laid into the embattled Bad Boy Records founder and put the blame on him for the rise of commercialism within the genre.


He wrote: “This negro Puffy flipped Hip-Hop culture into all about worshipping nothing but $$$… Thats why Im kinda glad they got his ass up outta here.

“Go look at the content in Hip-Hop music before that ‘All About The Benjamins’ song … Creativity mattered.”

After Diddy was accused of rape and sexual assault by his ex-girlfriend Cassie last November, Saigon said on X: “Daaamn…. Who thinks Diddy Did It ???? I told myself years ago if fame and money comes with all this type of ish, they can KEEP it.

“I stepped away from all this shit to raise my babies and I dont regret ONE second of it.”


The Greatest Story Never Told MC also previously slammed the Harlem-bred mogul for promoting alcohol in his videos, saying: “Nobody cares about your music career so now you’re pushing vodka… Ciroc Boys. Every popular rapper you go ‘hold on you need your marketing? We’ll pay for your marketing if you just promote this vodka.’

“Poison, shit that’s killing us and n-ggas do it that’s why Rick Ross is big. That’s why every Rick Ross video you see, before he even comes on you see a bottle of Ciroc pass by the screen.”

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Easy Mo Bee Claims He Was ‘Blackballed’ For Confronting Diddy Over Production Credit

Saigon has famously had many issues within the music industry.

After signing to Atlantic Records in 2004 and collaborating with the likes of JAY-Z, Kanye West and Just Blaze, the Brooklyn native found himself in a creative dispute with the record label.


Not long afterwards, he was stabbed in the head in New York, became embroiled in a violent beef with Prodigy from Mobb Deep and announced that he was retiring from rapping.

During his major label struggles, Saigon appeared as himself on Entourage. His highly-touted debut album The Greatest Story Never Told would not be released until 2011 through an independent record label.


Thought it received rave reviews and boasted guest features from JAY-Z, Q-Tip and Black Thought, the album struggled commercially.

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