Diddy’s Alleged Drug Mule Accepts Plea Deal With No Jail Time

Diddy‘s alleged drug mule, Brendan Paul, has accepted a plea deal offered by prosecutors that will allow him to avoid prison time.

TMZ spoke to Paul’s attorney, Brian Bieber, on Thursday (May 16). Bieber confirmed that his client accepted a deal where he would enter a drug rehabilitation program and, upon successful completion, would have the case against him dismissed without any charges.


“Brendan accepted the prosecutor’s offer to permit his entry into the diversion program which, after completion, the case against him will be dismissed in its entirety,” Bieber said.

The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office confirmed that they offered the deal to Paul, who accepted it without issue. They also confirmed that the deal is a standard one for non-violent first-time offenders.


Paul is expected to complete the program within six months.

Last month, Miami-Dade State Attorneys filed a cocaine-possession charge against the 25-year-old, though they dropped another for the possession of a controlled substance.


Whereas the former Syracuse basketball player was not at the hearing, his attorney Brian Bieber entered a not-guilty plea on his behalf.

Paul was arrested at an airport in Florida for possession of marijuana and cocaine last month, just as a federal investigation into the alleged dealings of the embattled Bad Boy Records mogul began picking up steam.

Yung Miami Has Alibi To Clear Her Of 'Drug Mule' Accusations, Source Claims
Yung Miami Has Alibi To Clear Her Of ‘Drug Mule’ Accusations, Source Claims

Rolling Stone initially reported that he was taken into custody at in late March. He was approached at Opa-Loka Airport by the Miami-Dade Police, who have been working in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security, according to an affidavit.

A family member of Paul confirmed to the outlet that he had indeed been arrested, though it was unclear if it had anything to do with the New York City label executive.


Paul was initially named as a “mule” in a lawsuit filed by producer Lil Rod against Diddy back in February, which alleges that the person in question took on the role of “acquir[ing] and distribut[ing]…drugs and guns” for the businessman.

A few hours after Paul’s arrest, Diddy was stopped by federal authorities at an airport in Miami. This occurred soon after Homeland Security raided his homes across the United States.

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