DJ Akademiks Accused Of Sexual Assault & Grooming Minors

DJ Akademiks is currently under a lot of fire on the Internet right now for some allegedly abhorrent behavior. Moreover, during a recent conversation seemingly on the Off The Record podcast, he spoke about a lot of things relating to his complicated relationship with women. Particularly, the media personality claimed that his girlfriend stole $500K from him, along with some other accusations of assault and conflicting reports about her getting arrested on felony charges. As of press time, those haven’t been officially confirmed. Another tale concerned a girl that he was “f***ing with” that allegedly had a threesome at his house with his friends while he was passed-out drunk.

“I’m shaming her now,” DJ Akademiks remarked. “I said to her, ‘Yo, I’ma keep it a bean with you. You came to my house and had two n***as f**k you raw.’ I ain’t seen no condom, no nothing. I said to her, ‘You should go get tested, bro.’ From that moment, she kept trying to pivot on the denial, like, ‘Yo, send me the video, I’m pretty sure I didn’t f**k him.’ Now I’m getting super tight, because bro, I’m not about to watch this video of you getting f***ed, it’s on my surveillance camera. I was f***ing with you.”

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DJ Akademiks Faces Sexual Assault Allegations

Then, a video emerged on social media of a woman claiming to be who that DJ Akademiks referred to. “I look cr*zy right now, but I’m not gonna stand here and let this man continue to lie about me,” she began. “That’s not what happened, Akademiks. You know that’s not what happened. And for you to pretend like you didn’t do anything? That I just went to your house and I’m just some thot. Like we didn’t know each other for two years. You tried to save yourself after your friends assaulted me. Whether you got drunk or not, I know that when I woke up, you were on top of me, too. You r*ped me, too. A r*pe kit was done. You know what? I’m gonna come back with my own story. This what you wanted? You’re about to get it. I’ve been quiet for way too long.”

More Allegations From & Against Ak


In addition, allegations emerged online of the former Everyday Struggle host grooming underage girls. Some of these are alleged DMs, others are testimonies, but all of them are just accusations at this point. Others pointed to a clip of what sounds like a woman screaming during his livestream, althought the validity of this is unconfirmed. Regardless, we’ll see what these explosive claims develop into in 2024. Meanwhile, stick around on HNHH for the latest news and updates on DJ Akademiks.

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