DJ Akademiks Addresses Adin Ross & 21 Savage Scam Allegations


Folks recently raised their eyebrows at 21 Savage and his team mistakenly scamming Adin Ross during his gambling stream by using marked cards. DJ Akademiks chimed in on the matter during a recent session. “I did talk to Adin today,” he began. “I’ma be honest with you, that n***a sound like his puppy died. I think there’s a different layer to it. Do I believe that 21 Savage went to go finesse him? No. Do I believe that maybe one of 21 Savage’s mans did finesse him or tried to with some cards? Yes. Do I believe that 21 Savage had zero idea until afterwards? Nah. I think he probably, like, his mans was, like, ‘Alright, this is a lick.’ You feel me? In reality, and I told [Adin] this, maybe I’m naive too, right? I don’t think that would’ve happened to Kai [or] me.

“I think it’s ’cause you’re Adin, I don’t think that anybody would jeopardize having a relationship with, say, Kai, doing that,” Ak continued about Adin Ross. “Adin did tell me that, and by the way, he told me as well that 21 was gonna send him money. Which he probably did, he probably did send him, like, a quarter million dollars. But also, I think he feels a little salty about it. If this wasn’t on stream and if his audience never really bucked up, like, ‘No, you got cheated,’ and somebody else had shown him, he felt he would’ve really lost a lot of money and nobody would’ve cared. That, he feels kind of played for. He told me that Drake called him, and he said, ‘Bro, what was that s**t on stream? What’s up with that?’ And he was just like, ‘No idea, I’m kind of confused.’

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DJ Akademiks Speaks On Adin Ross & 21 Savage Situation

“I don’t know, it was kind of a bad look for everybody involved, you know what I mean?” he elaborated. “Now, granted, I don’t think this was for content. I do believe Adin Ross, because I know a n***a like Adin, he will definitely pay you. But also, if you lost, he would expect it to be paid. Truthfully, if [21 Savage] was on that type of time, he could’ve done that to me previously. He’s never been any type of shady with me, I’m being very, very honest. Sometimes, n***as be like, ‘Bro, I ain’t gonna lie, we was gonna finesse that white boy.’ So I’m not saying that’s not a possibility. But the person who I know him as, he don’t do that. But once they see you’re the bag, they’ll do content with you, but they’re not giving you the respect they give Kai.

“Kai didn’t want to be his homeboy,” Akademiks concluded. “‘Yo, Kai my n***a.’ They’re not trying to be your n***a. And I’m not talking about 21 or anybody, I’m just telling you what it is. I’m not trying to justify it, I’m trying to explain. 21 won money from Kai, right? I don’t think that was cheating, I think he just won it. And also, I’m trying to tell [Adin], like, just to be honest. Bro, it’s ’cause you’re white, my n***a. Like, I know you and Kai are on the same [streamer] level. But n***as don’t look at you like they’re trying to be your n***a, my n***a. You’re a white dude who they’re like, ‘I’ma go on your platform, get some clout, n***a. I wouldn’t finesse my own.'” For more on DJ Akademiks, 21 Savage, and Adin Ross, stay logged into HNHH.

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