DJ Akademiks Addresses Recent Allegations Against Him


DJ Akademiks has responded to the recent sexual assault allegations that his ex-girlfriend brought against him. He says that police already investigated the matter and he was fully cooperative, supplying his phone, as well as security footage, and more.

“I was never arrested, it’s documented, Akademiks was never arrested. There was a search warrant. This situation that I mentioned went to the cops over a year and a half ago. It went to the cops. Me and my lawyer were openly cooperative,” Akademiks began. “By the way, some serious allegations, I don’t care whose involved, we helped the police. Whatever you need. You want our phone? You want passcodes? Let’s decrypt our DVR. You should see all the footage. There is nothing they did not see. You know what the result of that investigation was? That was officially ruled by the D.A. and the police that there is nothing there.”

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DJ Akademiks Responds To Allegations

Akademiks concluded: “So I see a lot of people go ‘Ak, you’re gonna be in jail.’ There ain’t no charges. There won’t be no charges. And there’s documentation to say, ‘Hey, we looked at everything. Everybody’s clear.’ Not only for me, for everybody involved.” The allegations arose after the podcaster recalled an ex-girlfriend having a threesome with his friends. Afterward, the woman went live on Instagram to clarify that it wasn’t a consensual encounter. “You tried to save yourself after your friends assaulted me,” she alleged. “Whether you got drunk or not, I know that when I woke up, you were on top of me, too. You r*ped me, too. A r*pe kit was done. You know what? I’m gonna come back with my own story.”

It’s not the only drama Akademiks is dealing with this week. He also revealed that another ex-girlfriend of his, who he claims once stole $500,000 from him, says she’s pregnant. Be on the lookout for further updates on DJ Akademiks on HotNewHipHop.

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