DJ Akademiks & Andrew Schulz Debate About Kanye West: Watch


During a recent episode of Andrew Schulz’s Flagrant podcast, he and DJ Akademiks had a debate about Kanye West. Schulz questioned whether or not Ye’s “run” with music is finally over, prompting Ak to come to the Chicago native’s defense. According to him, Ye’s music run is not only not over, but it’s about to be reignited once again.

He went on, arguing that while other “trash” music lacks substance, West always comes through with “meaningful” bodies of work. Schulz then chimed in, noting how for him, everything since The Life Of Pablo has been a miss. “The thing with Kanye is what rap is missing and what most musicians [are] missing,” DJ Akademiks explained. He went on to compare the performer to Drake, claiming that if the Canadian artist had better “presentation,” he could be in the same realm as Michael Jackson. Unfortunately, he says that his presentation is always “garbage.”

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DJ Akademiks Claims Kanye West Is Hip Hop “Royalty”

“Kanye West will drop some sh*t with the best presentation possible,” he continued. “He’ll have projectors on the side of the pyramids or some sh*t.” Schulz then interjected, calling Ye “unbelievably corny.” “Everything I see him do is just unbearably corny, and then I hear him rap, the rap is corny,” he described. “Kanye’s production has been phenomenal, but not in the last almost decade.” Ak continued to compare the artist to Drake, arguing that while Ye will stand by other artists he truly believes in, Drake will simply enlist whoever’s on top at the time.

DJ Akademiks emphasized the difference between a simple feature and a full-blown collaborative album, noting how powerful of a “stamp” Vultures is for Ty Dolla Sign. “Kanye West in hip hop is f*cking hip hop royalty,” he added. What do you think of DJ Akademiks and Andrew Schulz’s recent debate about Kanye West? Who do you think is in the right? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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