DJ Akademiks Blames Yung Miami For Diddy Lawsuit, Calls Her “Caresha Maxwell”


Everyone’s getting their wild, shocked, and indignant reactions out there concerning the latest sexual assault lawsuit against Diddy. This time, it’s from a former male employee who made damning claims about drug-fueled parties with underage people and various claims of sexual assault against others. Moreover, these include Cuba Gooding Jr. and Yung Miami’s cousin, and on this last point, DJ Akademiks wasted no time. After hearing about the news, the media personality immediately took to Twitter to unleash a firestorm on the City Girl, or as he called her, “Caresha Maxwell.”

“Its Yung Miami fault Diddy back in the News,” DJ Akademiks tweeted on Sunday night (February 26) about his rival Caresha. “I Told Her to STFU and she wouldn’t stop. now look a n***a making claims vs Diddy. @YungMiami305 stay in a *** place n STFU! you getting ya sugar diddy into to much problems! They even mentioned Yung Miami stup*d a** in [the TMZ report]… dat talk show fa sho cancelled now. She been running her mouth like Diddy aint tell her a** to LAY LOW. N Yall Thought I was capping when I said Yung Miami moving like she the new Ghislaine Maxwell of da Freak Offs.. Imagine 50 n***as coming thru to f**k while playing ‘ACT BAD’ on blast in the background. GROSS.

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DJ Akademiks’ Latest Yung Miami Tweet At Press Time

“Welp.. She told yall,” DJ Akademiks quote-tweeted this 2021 Yung Miami tweet: “On a private island with Diddy.” “Remember when Caresha said that Gina girl was a EATER…” he continued. “none of yall aint ask how tf she knew all dat? I told yall man.. dem Freakoffs might have been facilitated by Caresha Maxwell!” “Well Damn,” Ak quote-tweeted this: “If I wanted you to eat my p***y diddy would’ve had you on your knees h*e!!! You a eater!!!!!!!” His next quote tweet was of this Miami message. “Gina you been down bad ever since I came into the picture h*e! You been crying for a baby for 10 yrs h*es you been around as a b***h that eat p***y and d**k when he feel like it YOU A EATER!! you the same b***h that was crying on Tasha k cause you wanted a baby poor sushi!!!!

“Your Honor… I Enter this Self Snitching Tweet into Evidence… Caresha Maxwell been on sum s**t,” he wrote of the Gina tweet. “@FBI @PETA @DEAHQ @realDonaldTrump @ICEgov ayo… check dis out. Find out wat island dey was on doing dis freak off s**t,” the streamer quote-tweeted this next Miami tweet. “You want a baby b***h I have Career h*e You a CERTIFIED FREAK!!! You haven’t heard from diddy since the awards reminiscing on abortions let that hurt go Chun-Li,” she wrote. Then, it looks like he went on stream to continue his rant. For the latest news and updates on Yung Miami, Diddy, and DJ Akademiks, come back to HNHH.

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