DJ Akademiks Celebrates Birthday With Girlfriend As Sexual Assault Lawsuit Looms


DJ Akademiks is having a rough time in the spotlight right now, as a woman named Fauziya “Ziya” Abashe officially filed a sexual assault and defamation lawsuit against him. However, he still has other things to look forward to and celebrate, such as his 33rd birthday. Moreover, the media personality recently celebrated with his partner, who took to Instagram to share some snaps from their vacation, their celebrations, and some of their antics. It’s bizarre to see this footage when the accusations are fresh in everyone’s mind, but this is all speculative right now, as nothing has been confirmed or officially dismissed at press time.

Furthermore, for those unaware, Abashe claimed that, in DJ Akademiks’ home in New Jersey back in 2022, two men unknown to her drugged and assaulted her. While this specific incident allegedly happened on his pool deck, she also accused him of sexually assaulting her in a bedroom. What seems to have provoked the lawsuit itself (as these claims have been around for a while) are supposedly defamatory claims that Ak launched in late 2023. He claimed that he was sleeping while the two men had a consensual orgy with Abashe.

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DJ Akademiks’ Girlfriend’s Birthday Posts For Him

“Let me tell you this about everyone in the industry. If Ak ever goes down, y’all going down with me. Because I hold no secrets for nobody,” DJ Akademiks responded to the lawsuit during one of his livestreams. Previously, he alleged that large institutions or groups like Roc Nation, as well as individuals like attorney Tyrone Blackburn, are out to get him. Much like the narratives against the former Everyday Struggle host, these claims are also unconfirmed and purely speculative. Whether or not this will fully go to court or see some other form of resolution remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, DJ Akademiks will most likely try to continue his career and share his perspective as usual, including a notorious rivalry with Meek Mill. Still, it’s impossible to tell whether or not things will remain the same for him moving forward. While the streamer’s fanbase is supporting him, and folks divested from his personal life can still consume his content, he’s been in tough positions with higher-ups before, such as his 2020 exit from Complex. Now that he’s more independent, and if these salacious accusations are to be believed, this might fall more onto the court of public opinion.

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