DJ Akademiks Claims Diddy Cut Yung Miami Off Amid Bitter Feud With City Girls Rapper, Armon Wiggins Gets Involved


DJ Akademiks and Yung Miami very clearly do not like each other, at all. Overall, the two have been beefing for quite some time. Akademiks was also in a feud with one of Miami’s best friends, Saucy Santana. This led to all sorts of back and forths on social media. Furthermore, it even led to Akademiks crying on his Twitch stream. Needless to say, these two have had their history, and it does not seem like they will be friends, anytime soon. That is especially true after what went down last night.

It all started as Miami and Armon Wiggins got into a bit of a heated back and forth on social media. This all stemmed from a situation in which Wiggins was allegedly in Yung Miami’s assigned seat and got kicked out. The two took things to Twitter and it was an all out war. Moreover, Wiggins even posted a clip of Akademiks talking about Yung Miami. In this clip, Akademiks says Miami and Santana’s music flopped. He even says Yung Miami enjoys golden showers from Diddy, and that Diddy has since cut her off, which is why she won’t talk about him anymore.

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Yung Miami vs. Armon Wiggins

With Yung Miami and Wiggins beefing, Akademiks decided to take to Twitter to weigh in on everything. This led to a lengthy back and forth in which Ak and the City Girls co-founder went scorched earth on each other. For the most part, Akademiks accused Yung Miami of partaking in golden showers and freak-offs. Meanwhile, Miami brought up the infamous fake screenshot of Akademiks talking about Bhad Bhabie. There was a lot to parse through, and you can find all of the tweets from the feud, down below.

DJ Akademiks vs. Yung Miami

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