DJ Akademiks Ignites More Drake & Kendrick Lamar Diss Speculation With Announcement


The Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef has so far surprised fans every step of the way: we’re two Drizzy disses in with a Rick Ross response, a Kanye West tag-in, and no word from Kendrick… yet. Moreover, it seems like any theory that fans on either side have about what will happen next is equally likely of falling flat on its face within the next hour. We’re also talking about the biggest rappers in the world right now, so everyone is watching this go down on the biggest stage possible with no indication that they’re afraid of slowing down (well, except for J. Cole). What’s more is that a recent tweet from DJ Akademiks this morning (Monday, April 22) indicates that April’s developments might not be over yet.

“[Three bomb emojis] loading..” DJ Akademiks tweeted earlier today. “Big Ak Exclusive Alert [siren emoji]!! Stay tuned.” While this could relate to a whole lot of different topics in the rap game, it’s hard not to assume that it will relate to the Kendrick Lamar and Drake battle. After all, he’s been covering it extensively and from aboard the OVO hype train. While Ak by no means counted K.Dot out yet, he’s leaning more heavily into pro-Drizzy sentiments, likely because there’s just more to talk about there.

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But DJ Akademiks will also take out some time to give credit where it’s due, and one example from a recent stream this month relates to Drake’s mention of Kendrick Lamar’s wife, which he thinks could be very dangerous for the former. “Drake… you did the same thing twice now,” he explained. “You mentioned Virginia Williams or whatever, Pusha T‘s wife. And you saw that n***a took the gloves off, and we saw what happened.

“You mentioned Whitney, and Kendrick Lamar’s wife’s name is Whitney,” the media personality continued. “You have to be prepared for anything! There is no, ‘Oh, nah, I can’t believe you said that.’ No! ‘Cause you’re talking crazy already, too. This is a knock-them-out slugfest, this is no holds barred, this is, ‘I don’t care what that n***a says!’ He could expose…” We’ll have to see what he potentially exposes if this develops into a pgLang response soon. On that note, stay logged into HNHH for the latest news and more updates on DJ Akademiks, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar.

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